Zaragoza 2-Levante 0: The hands go ahead Cup

Last update 9 September, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

La Romareda was the stage that was going to decree which team was going to continue its path in the Copa del Rey. With different paths in the League and with the precedent of 0-1 in the first leg played in Valencia, Zaragoza had an advantage on the scoreboard.

With the repercussion of certain controversial actions from the match played in the League a few weeks ago, precisely on the same stage and that Levante took, both teams had very different line-ups.

On the one hand, Zaragoza presented an eleven very similar to what they usually present in the League with some variations, while JIM had even left 7 starters outside of a team where the presence of Obafemi Martins stood out, that he had extended his Christmas vacation longer than expected.

On a cold night as is usual in Zaragoza at this time of year, both teams started the game cold. After some timid attempts by both teams, the scoring was going to open. In the minute 24 Zaragoza was going to score after a powerful shot by Aranda that Keylor Navas was going to reject badly and Zuculini was going to finish off on the line.

Levante players insistently protested the action considering that the shot on the line was offside. The referee was going to give Zuculini the goal anyway and was going to ignore the grainy protests.

In it 30 Levante was going to have the goal in two consecutive plays. Walls First, side of Zaragoza was about to score in his goal, but the ball was going to go out, marchandose a corner.

In the corner kick it was going to be Roger who was going to miss an opportunity after Leo Franco's mistake. The first part was going to hold little else.

The second half began with numerous stoppages in the game and with a fairly slow and cold pace of the game, as much as the night of Zaragoza. With a locked and rough game, it was noticeable in the atmosphere that what happened in the League match did not seem forgotten.

In the minute 10 Juanlu, frog player, he was going to launch a powerful shot that was going to go across Leo Franco's frame, Zaragoza starting goalkeeper today.

In the minute 14 from the second part there were going to be two setbacks for the granotas. Hector Rodas was going to be expelled perhaps rigorously with a direct red after a tackle on Zuculini, the minute Montañes was going to score Zaragoza's second goal, practically in the second shot of the hand painting.

JIM was going to give Ballesteros an outing, provoking the outcry of the Romareda public. And as soon as I went out to the field there was going to be controversy. Postiga, who already had a hard time with the Granota captain in the League match, was going to let himself fall in an unfortunate performance before a slight brush with the always controversial Granota player.

With the game and the tie sentenced for Zaragoza and Levante with one less player, the game was going to become even more boring if possible. Game over, Zaragoza will continue their path in the Copa del Rey while Levante will have to focus on the League and the UEFA Europa League and the next game against Olympiakos.

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