“Today I cost 200 millions”

“Today I cost 200 millions”
Faustino Asprilla considers that today it would cost 200 millions of euros. Photo: Twitter

Today it is a magnate of condoms and even has its own brand. But nevertheless, in the 90 He was one of the best soccer players in the world. He belonged to that generation of Colombian players who came to delude his country after thrashing at home to Argentina but then those expectations are not endorsed on the World USA 94. He had a good career in Europe but was always a controversial type for his actions off the field. Today, Colombian Faustino Asprilla believes that today, cost 200 million as Neymar.

“When I was in Parma, Milan came to offer 20 million dollars for me. If I played today, I would be worth the same as Neymar, some 200 millions of euros”, He said in an interview for 'Tuttomercatoweb'. Tino Asprilla played the clubs in Europe like that Of Parma 90 and in Newcastle, in addition to Atletico Nacional and several South American teams before retiring and lanzarse to undertake his curious brand of condoms “Tino”.

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