Julio Salinas, Capable of the best and the worst

Julio Salinas, Capable of the best and the worst
Julio Salinas, an atypical forward who thrashed in Spanish football. PHOTO: Brand

Julio Salinas he was always a different player, a footballer who was capable of the best and the worst. Basque front eared, It was the benchmark for the Spanish national team for a decade in which he participated in three World Cups and two European Championships. With a collection of fans and detractors equally, He was a striker capable of scoring the most difficult goal in the world and in turn being unable to score a sung goal. He thrashed half First Division despite its peculiar style. Today Sunny, We remind one of the scorers history of Spanish football.

Julio Salinas, an atypical scorer

Born in Bilbao in 1962, He debuted a distant 1982 in the ranks of the subsidiary Athletic Bilbao to become part of the first team 1983. He played a total of 4 seasons in the first team until he was transferred to Atletico Madrid 1986. Their 31 goals in two seasons as colchonero were worth to Barcelona in the fichara 1988.

He remained at the club for FC Barcelona 6 seasons, recording his best numbers as a scorer in his first years as Barca striker. In his last season as Barca player, It was substitute striker of the Dream Team of Johan Cruyff since the arrival of players like Stoichkov O Romario they played down the limelight. In 1994 behind the World USA 94 He went to Deportivo de la Coruña.

In Coruña only he stayed one season in which he scored 12 Galician club goals and won the first title in its history, the cup of the King of the flood played on two different days against Valencia at the Santiago Bernabeu. Between 1995 Y 1997 scored goals in the shirt of Sporting Gijon, Recalling his best numbers as a striker with a total of 24 goals in his two seasons at El Molinon, 18 of them in his first season.

Julio Salinas with his brother Patxi in his time as a player of Sporting. Photo:
Julio Salinas with his brother Patxi in his time as a player of Sporting. Photo:

Japan and withdrawal in Alavés

Then he went to Japan where in 41 scored parties 33 goals, It is an idol for the fans of Yokohama Marinos. Alaves repescó him to play his final two seasons as a professional and where as, scored goals. In his last season as elite player he scored 8 many. At the end of his career he retired with 152 Primera Division goals in more than 300 matches.

He retired in Salinas 2000 scoring goals in Alaves. Photo:
He retired in Salinas 2000 scoring goals in Alaves. Photo:

That play of the USA World Cup 94 did not tarnish the trajectory of Julio Salinas in Spain

He was international in 56 Sometimes debuting the Spanish team in 1986. He played three World (Mexico 1986, Italy 1990 Y USA 1994) and two Eurocopas (RFA 1988 and England 1996) being indisputable for many years despite having fewer minutes in some of their teams such as Barcelona or Depor. Many remember Salinas failing the goal that would have put Spain in the semifinals of the USA but that play did not tarnish a long career as an international footballer with Spain.

Julio Salinas
Julio Salinas had a long career in the Spanish team. PHOTO: AS

Look who is dancing!

After leaving football, He took the opposite route to other former players and not dedicated to the world of football but to the television. From a commentator of Champions League matches or in the Sixth with the missing Andrés Montes with whom he formed a curious duo, through participation as a dancer in Sight who dances!. curiously, his brother Patxi also a long-distance footballer like him, He participated in a reality of Telecinco.

Capable of the best and the worst, He was the author of some goals far from their canon “legs”. And is that with Julio Salinas you never knew what was going to happen, the ball could end within or third amphitheater but the truth is that it is one of the top scorers Spaniards and that is not easy. Julio Salinas, definitely a different player.

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