Thirtysomething front with a goal in the blood

Delanteros treintañeros con el gol en la sangre

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They are great players, in some international cases, in others they have not even gotten to it or if they have no longer count toward the coach. Hardly be in the next World Cup in Brazil except last minute news. But they all have something in common: lead goal blood. They are predators area. Some veterans others wear season after season punching rival networks without giving the slightest concession. In honor of this, forgotten by many, longed for other, highlight five center-forwards are if you truly galactic:

1- Antonio Di Natale: 36 years and performing at level ever, which it makes him take the goal by flag. Ten seasons at Udinese and eleven in Serie A. spectacular numbers for a center forward who has scored more than 200 goals in a league already very complicated. Each year seems to be the last, but reinvents itself every year. “I'll keep playing as long as I have fun” He once confessed and seems to still doing jumping every time a pitch. He debuted in the top flight of football transalpine 25 years. Maybe, a bit late, but perhaps also the key in the last four seasons has scored more than 20 years per campaign. One of a kind. A predator's goal.

2- Alberto Gilardino: veteran status and being Italian seems to be a matter of reliability. I go to the World Cup in Brazil is not clear given the huge competition that exists in the post. But if something can assure itself is a goal Gilardino. This globetrotter Calcio has gone through eight teams and is currently in Genoa and has five goals in ten games this season 2013-14. To his 31 years, Not everyone can say that scoring goals is as easy as this world champion with Italy in 2006.

Gilardino lleva el gol en la sangre.
Gilardino takes a goal blood.

3- Javi Guerra: 31 years and six goals for Valladolid 11 parties, This is not easy when you're in a modest team like vallisoletano. A lifelong striker who was already in Alaves, in Levante or Valencia “B” and now it has four seasons in Valladolid, team which has scored more than 60 many. It's goalscoring touch, It is opportunism, it is off,is Javi Guerra.

4- Miroslav Klose: 36 years and a myth. Top scorer of the German team next to “Torpedo” Müller, second top scorer in World Cup history and one of only eight players capable of scoring five goals in a match in Serie A. He played many years at Bayern, Also in Kaiserlautern and Werder Bremen, but now runs his career at Lazio. Of course, with goals.

5- Luca Toni: how could it be otherwise just another “killer” Italian. A real monster the area, one transalpine who was also world champion in 2006. A full-fledged He takes advantage his size perfectly to score goals with his head or accurate right leg. Bundesliga top scorer in 2008 and Serie A 2006 (year also won the Golden Boot with 37 league goals), to their 36 years, Hellas Verona still lucky enough to take advantage of a striker who has now scored six goals in just over 10 parties.

6- Oscar Cardozo: to their 30 years has five goals in seven games with Benfica, club that has played the past seven years and where it has gotten more than 110 many. From 2010, Uruguay leads consistently scoring over 23 goals in all competitions annually. Paraguay will not be in the World, nor Cardozo, a shame because they are the World, favorable scenarios for this type of players.

7- William: 30 years and a lifetime scoring goals in Brazil except the small room in the French Guimgamp. It has never been absolute international with “canarinha” but Colgados for football do not forget that it is the second highest scorer and the Ponte Preta last course was able to score 47 chicharros.

William Júnior lleva más de 10 años en la brecha en Brasil.
William Junior takes over 10 years in the gap in Brazil.

8- David Villa: just a goal illustrious. Maybe, the player with more name and re-emerged after a traumatic spell at Barcelona. Accompanied by Diego Costa has seen the goal and the light that shone in Valencia and that Spanish Team World Champion. It takes three consecutive days scoring…it's your job…and nobody knows it like.

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