The “blue ballet” He swept in Europe and America in the early years of the decade of the 50

The “blue ballet” He swept in Europe and America in the early years of the decade of the 50
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Oddly enough there was a time where the best team in the world was not in Europe, not even in Argentina or Brazil. It was Colombia, the coffee country par excellence, and more specifically the Millonarios de Bogotá, which enjoyed the best players of the time at the beginning of the decade of the years 50. Created the 18 June 1946, any club in the world can they boast of having reached the summit as fast as did football “blue”. Hand of its founder Alfonso Senior Quevedo, the beginnings of the Colombian league (It was created in 1948) They had their clear protagonists in the Millionaires. Much of the explosive rise of the Millionaires was the hiring of several Argentine stars of the time., propitiated among other reasons, the terrible strike in Argentina existing players, and the economic power of its president.

Definitely, in that sense, the turning point of the team was the hiring of Argentine Carlos Aldabe as player-coach. With him in the direction of the club, possible hiring Adolfo Pedernera, definitely it influenced the hiring of Nestor Rossi and Alfredo Di Stefano. And it is that up to eight Argentines came to form one of the best squads in the history of football. Together they formed what is known as “blue ballet”, nickname Millonarios uniform mixture and the plague of stars of the team at the time. A team that dazzled flag for five years (1949-54) in all fields of games trod.

In the Colombian league, They managed to gain 4 stars (suspenders) in just five years, plus a glass of Colombia. all, with a number of records that seemed impossible, how to stay 24 unconquered parties or 17 winning matches in a row. But above all, with an imported style Argentina, I had the touch and play short his trademark. The auction and the goal, It was a matter of Di Stefano.

Such was the success in Colombia, the team was invited to participate in numerous tournaments and friendlies in Argentina, Brazil and Europe. Precisely, in one of the European tours, in the Silver Jubilee of Real Madrid (30 March of 1952), the footballing world was shocked after an impressive rout of “blue ballet” Real Madrid 4-2. Party where a spectacular performance by Alfredo Di Stefano managed to marvel so much at Santiago Bernabeu, the president decided to sign him for Real Madrid white rows.

In 1953, Millonarios achieved a new feat to gain the Little Club World Cup, equivalence to the current Mundialito Club. It was one of the last games of Di Stefano in the millionaire ranks and the zenith of a team where he was amazed by. Not in vain, there was not filled stadium to see this “blue ballet” She is dancing to be the best team of the moment.

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