The day that never desire to arrive

Dear hanging:

This past dawn we have lived an unfortunate night for Spanish football. Our team has suffered the greatest defeat of the Vicente del Bosque era. Everyone was aware that one day this could happen and where better than in the cathedral of world football, in the Maracanã stadium, where the host team deployed the best strategy to disarm the current best team in the World.

There is no doubt that there have been reproaches towards the players and the coach for one of the lowest level matches in an official final, in principle I am not going to delve into the wounds of the defeated because that would be unfair after being the current European champions and the world and even there I don't know
luckily arrives. It is clear that the tactical and technical level is the best that has been seen.

It is now five years in which "La Roja" dominates world football and is the enemy to beat for any team considered strong on the football spectrum. No excuse or objection can be made to the victory of Canarinha, but it is true that the usual players of the national team have arrived with many minutes and competitions throughout the year under their belt, and the physical conditions like it or not, have partly conditioned this competition. Nor can we forget the hell experienced from the stands game after game.

In the duty of the selection, the disastrous approach of Del Bosque against Scolari's cannot be ignored. I don't want to be opportunistic but Arbeloa's line-up against an impressive Neymar cost the Spanish defender the change in the first half. Fernando Torres was blurred up front, Iker Casillas showed his five months without competing. Jordi Alba was more concerned with attacking than defending and Juan Mata was practically disappeared except in assisting Pedro.

Iniesta and Xabi were suffocated and sewn to fouls with the permission of the Dutch referee Kuipers. But these are not excuses, Brazil's victory over Spain was final. I do not want to elaborate on my comment, but in about a year, the national team may have the opportunity to meet their executioner again and it will be time for revenge, but now maybe it's a small generational change where luckily those from behind come with force, talent and titles.

Sergio Barres

Sergio Barres

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