Spain ties with Finland and thickens the pass to the World Cup in Brazil

Spain ties with Finland and thickens the pass to the World Cup in Brazil
Spain ties with Finland and thickens the pass to the World Cup in Brazil

Spain drew one against Finland suffering a silly and unexpected fuck, prognosis between reserved and serious, after an infinite siege in which, at times, fell into dismay and got bored of sending overland, sea ​​and air in front of an adversary who only wanted to be a wall. A fit of fury from Sergio Ramos seemed to end the problem, pero Pukki, in the only finnish cuddle, got us in trouble. It happens when the bag is not filled with goals and the drops in tension are not taken care of. The trigger condemns the National Team to a win or win in Paris.

The extreme dominance of La Roja ended, for many moments, with Arbeloa and Jordi Alba as wings, especially the azulgrana, that surprise appearance on the screen with the one who kills himself in the tiqui-taca, and even with Ramos as second instance auctioneer. But the heavy traffic in the beards of Maaenpa thickened everything. Faced with that battleship, it might have been worth doing without a side from the beginning, the blackboard, and give him that band that did not demand a trip back to Navas, energetic player, overflow and center.

And that the staging was frenetic. Before the first minute, Moisander brushed the own goal and Villa, the glory bath. His shot went to the side of the net, but the Guaje entered the entrepreneurial party, grown up and confident, again in great shape. The bubbles soon disappeared and Spain simmered the game, although this time without Xavi, master in this luck. And without Xavi there is almost never paradise. Spain played and played without finding access to Maaenpa and ended up unloading their frustration in distant shots. From there Finland suffered less, although Fabregas, dos veces, Cazorla, otras dos, and Iniesta touched the notable in marksmanship.

Iniesta, that gathers several players in one, and all fantastic, pulled the slalom in the best moments of the first half, but the Finnish shield reached everywhere before the break and the offensive activity was declining. Villa began to lose himself in sudoku, Silva offered little, Cesc did it all far from Maaenpa.

Del Bosque sensed that Finland would only be vulnerable subject to further upheaval and withdrew Cazorla to surrender to Pedro. Flecha por florete, lo que acarreó la mudanza de Villa a la punta y de Cesc al centro de creación. Una maniobra inteligente que le dio solvencia a España, pero el despegue tuvo más que ver con la emoción que con la estrategia. Ramos rasgó el telón con un cabezazo de furia, para convertir el centenario en centenariazo.

A partir de ahí, de ese calentón, España dejó de confundir, más brevemente de los que le convenía, la paciencia con la siesta, cargó el juego a la izquierda, porque Pedro anduvo con chispa y con ganas, e hizo pasar un buen rato a El Molinón antes de caer, equivocadamente, en la cuenta de que el martes está cerca, París se ve cuesta arriba y el descanso es un arma. Bajó las revoluciones y se dejó ir, convencida de que Finlandia moriría de un solo balazo. Del Bosque le ahorró gasto a Villa y Cesc y en estas empató Pukki. A la carga final se sumaron Negredo y Mata, con empeño pero sin puntería. La cosa queda ahora en machada o repesca.

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