Footballers and casinos

Footballers and casinos
Pique and other players Poker fans


The 21st century footballer model are young, rich and famous. He 95% them before 30 years, what makes your life little or nothing to do with the rest of mortals. They live in their bubble and they are mass idols and every week, the stadiums are filled with people to see them play. However, some of them have beyond this lifestyle and play in other areas, the casinos. And there are few who do.

Stars like Messi or Neymar are great fans of the world of casinos. Both will have been seen many times at Barcelona, especially when the Brazilian was Barça. But are not the only ones, Pique is a known poker player, even professionally in high-level tournaments. Another former player like Guti is also a renowned poker player and has been seen in the best casinos playing very prestigious tournament.

Pique and Neymar, two well-known soccer players and Poker.

There are other players who like to visit casinos like the English Wayne Rooney, David Beckham y Michael Owen. Who they have been frequently seen in British casinos and other more famous as Las Vegas. The best striker in history and now president of Real Valladolid, Ronaldo Nazario, It is also a known aficionado: “I love poker and adrenaline producing”, He even said the former Brazilian star.

Ronaldo, now president of Real Valladolid, It is a big fan of Poker. PHOTO: Neil Stoddart

However, no need to be a professional soccer to enjoy the game in moderation and within your means. You can always find great deals on the web on websites like , but yes, without losing your mind as these great football stars, Obviously they are playing in another far removed from the rest of human foot league. But that does not mean that you cannot enjoy as we say with a head, of the best online casino.

Surely they are more elite footballers premier lesser known, but no less relevant, to be fond of casinos and gambling. Top players and well paid also cast his moments but do not jump into the fray by not having the reputation of the aforementioned.

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