Judith Romano, Referee League Two

Judith Romano, Referee League Two

Refereeing, Like the football field is not exclusive to men, women continue to burn stages and up through the dark spiral staircase that is the sport for them. It will soon begin the domestic competition in our country and make it a magnificent surprise. Spanish referees committee has made it official that the collegial Judith Romano will be assistant referee in the League Two.

Asturiana birth, He studied medicine in Pamplona, where he combined his studies with classes referee. He specialized anesthetist, and one day work in the operating room while a colleague confirmed his rise. However it will not be the first woman to reach the silver division. Maria Luisa Villa, Castilian-lions school for three years toured the fields of Spanish second division until he ascended to the top flight of football.

Now retired after refereeing the final of the Euro Women 2013 He brushed his fingers his dream. Unfortunately that year failed the test speed the committee considers it necessary and never arbitrate First. Precisely the figure of Marisa Villa and President of the College Asturiano, Manuel Suarez, They have been instrumental in the career of Judith Romano.

The young doctor had to overcome a serious illness in childhood. With only 14 years, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to overcome the first setback that life awaited him. After a complicated operation and terrible chemotherapy sessions his desire to fight and live won the first game of his life. their persistence, perseverance and they will have taken away a long time, But his career has no roof and hopefully we can see the soon raise his flag in world-class golf.

Marisa Villa, the woman who came close to whistle at First.
Alberto Marrodan

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