Loose pass by Marc Overmars Barcelona

Loose pass by Marc Overmars Barcelona
Marc Overmars in his playing Barcelona. Despite being a world star, He could not shine as culé. PHOTO: Sportyou

Marc Overmars was one of the best wingers in the world at the end of the 1990s. 90. Fast, vertical, skilled and ambidextrous, Dutch was a player of many kilates triumphing with the shirt of Arsenal and the Dutch national team.

In the summer of 2000, the Barcelona, that had just lost its star Luis Figo, signed by way of bleeding rival, he Real Madrid by 10.000 millions of the old pesetas, He decided to invest some of that money to bring the Dutchman who as we said, It was one of the best in world football at the time.

But being one of a kind guarantees you not succeed anywhere and less, if luck is with you not. From those 10.000 millions, Barca he invested 6500 in signing the skilled winger born in 1973. The dutch, He came from Arsenal with Petit. In both cases, things went wrong. In the case of the Dutch on the subject of injuries.

Marc Overmars and Barcelona, an outlier weighed down by injuries

A serious knee injury, a succession of relapse and a series of problems did not reach or fulfill his contract with Barcelona and that rescinding to leave football 2004, four years after its signing. He left his last year pardoning.

To make matters worse, the club did not win any titles during his time, unforgivable for a team of culé entity whose beginning of the XXI century was rather unfortunate, especially due to disastrous management of the entity by the managers of the time.

However, Not everything was bad in Marc Overmars on the stage of the club. He also left a party to remember though perhaps very little baggage for one of the best players of his time and also, It had cost a million morterada. In the end his baggage was in Barcelona 99 parties and 15 goals in all competitions and left the feeling that a great player like him could have shined more if he had played for another team other than the worst Barça in history.

Problems with justice and with your health

In February of the year 2022 he was fired from Ajax, where he served as sports director, for a case of sexual harassment of a club employee where Overmars himself acknowledged that he had 'exceeded the limits'. Signed for him Royal Antwerp FC of the Belgian league and in December of that same year, suffered a mild stroke’ which caused a heart problem.

Overmars declared to ‘The last news’ his first interview after suffering the stroke. “I have to catch my breath when I talk too much, and it takes energy to stay focused. My heart is dead 45%. But you shouldn't feel sorry for me. I am a happy man I just have to distribute my energy as best I can.”.

Marc Overmars Barça
Marc Overmars is going through bad times. PHOTO: https://depositphotos.com/es/
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