world 2014: Brazil, the quest for a sixth title

world 2014: Brazil, the quest for a sixth title

Brazil is possibly the big favorite of the next World Cup. And it is for two essential reasons. History supports him as the best team in the history of the World Cups with five titles and two other finals played. And if that was not enough, play at home, hostess, a factor to take into account if one takes into account that in six of the 19 World Cups won the countries that served as local.

Of course, apart from these two aspects, Brazil plays with the advantage of having a great block with an excellent coach and some players capable of making a difference. It is true that you will not gather the constellation of stars from other times (partly because it doesn't have it), but neymar, Hulk or Oscar are footballers with enough entity to solve setbacks with some individuality brand of the house. However, it will not be precisely the individual ones that distinguish the “canarinha”.

As could already be seen in the last Confederations Cup, Brazil will bet on a compact team that will find it very difficult to score a goal. A team “Europeanized” with better defense than midfield if we stick to the names. And it is that the defensive solidity of the Thiago Silva, Dani Alves, Marcelo or David Luiz will be key to winning a sixth title.

Brazil does not play well but pressures, run and steal the ball like never before. They are aware that they do not have the group of “baseball players” from other World Cups, but precisely, knowing her limitations make her more dangerous. The draw has placed her in a group without any expert in sweet (Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon) but that is perfectly accessible.

Another thing will be the crosses, Well, already in the round of 16 he will have to sweat a lot to look for the quarterfinals against the one that is second in a group B where Spain is, Holland or Chile.

If something does not lose Brazil, is the rhythm.
If something does not lose Brazil, is the rhythm.


  • The local condition. Never has a European country won a World Cup in South America. The Brazilian stadiums will be a pressure cooker in order to favor Brazil. Yes indeed, not always playing at home is positive. Sometimes the pressure can. There is the famous “Maracanazo” or the three lost Olympic finals to illustrate a misguided favoritism.
  • The referees. The hosts usually have many advantages when facing a final phase. And there is no doubt that the referees can be one of them. We will see if they allow the tough game that Brazil exhibited in the last Confederations Cup and we will also see if they are able to allow an early elimination in a hypothetical round of 16.
  • One of the best defenses. Brazil enjoys a pair of central centrals of the highest level with Thiago Silva and David Luiz. Placement, Ball out and even goal in stopped balls. The wings are very offensive.

Weak points:

  • lack of creativity. Paulinho and Óscar embody Brazil's second-line arrival. Good players with ease to score but with construction problems. Brazil does not have a Xavi or Xabi Alonso. Brazil has lost that magic of yesteryear and may suffer when it has to wear the “tempo” of the parties.
  • Lack of goal. Neymar is an excellent footballer but at times somewhat lacking in goal. Without a 9 pure, It would not be the first time that Brazil did not win a World Cup because of that lack of goal. There is the memory of the World Cup 82.
  • Julio César. A remarkable goalkeeper, confident and experienced but has a handicap. The big stages. His failure to eliminate the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in South Africa is still remembered. This time he will have revenge but his security loses steam in World Cups.
The Holland-Brazil crossing could be repeated.





Scolari already won the World Cup 2002.
Scolari already won the World Cup 2002.

Felipe Scolari: except for a short-lived unsuccessful stint at Chelsea and Uzbekistan, his career has been developed by Brazil, where is a true myth. He already led Brazil in the World Cup 2002 where he won with a not showy but effective style. Now he will try to offer the same, éxito. That success that led him to put Portugal in the semifinals at the World Cup 2006.

Studious of rivals and conflictive when he thinks he should be, It is the typical case of a coach who prefers a block to an individuality. Thus, if something is sure, is that from the first to the last, everyone will run and defend as if their life depended on it.


  • Five World Cups
  • Eight Cups America
  • Four Confederation Cups
  • Two Pan American Championships
  • Three Silver and two bronze medals at the Olympic Games

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