Nordsjaelland 2- Shakhtar Donest 5: the goal of the Champions unsportsmanlike marked by Luiz Adriano

La Liga Española

Shakhtar Donetsk scored the 1-1 against Nordsjaelland taking advantage of a neutral boat, while the Danes waited for the ball to be returned. The French referee Gauthier decided to give a boat still in the Ukrainian field after having stopped the game so that the local Nordstrand could be attended, that he had received a blow to the chest. Brazilian Willian hit the ball hard with the intention that it would gently reach the Danish goalkeeper's hands., Hansen. But nevertheless, his compatriot Luiz Adriano ran for the ball, stood before the goal with the defense completely stopped and dribbled to get the tie.

The Danish players reproached Luiz Adriano for his unsportsmanlike action. In fact, in the kickoff it seemed that the Ukrainians would allow themselves to be scored as compensation, but when the Danes had traveled a few meters with the ball, Shakhtar decided to defend the play and aborted the attack.

El Shakhtar, who started the day as the leader of his group with seven points (the same as Chelsea), much more was played than the Nordsjaelland, virtually eliminated. The Ukrainians ended up winning the match by 2-5 and continue as leaders of Group E.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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