Oliver and Benji, Who would be who today?

Oliver and Benji, Who would be who today?

The 10 October 1983 TV Tokyo launched to broadcast one of the most famous series that are remembered in the world of manga. His name Captain Tsubasa answered, The main protagonist, although from very soon became known as Oliver and Benji Campeones u. What it appeared to be a more cartoon series which focused on the Japanese football was slowly becoming a mass phenomenon in Japan and in Europe and South America.

Practically, wherever it emitted getting large audiences, especially young audiences, but even young teenager. His popularity reached such a point that it be marked a resurgence of Japanese football, as were many generations that followed in the footsteps of his TV idols and wanted to imitate. Licenses grew up to 30% and the national team could qualify for World partly by rising football.

The main knot related the expertise of Oliver Atom with the ball and with his teammates and rivals, among them, the great Benjamin Price (Benji), paralotodo goalkeeper who was one main characteristic wear a cap and had never conceded a goal from outside the area until Atom got a personal challenge. And it is that Atom was the star character. In addition to a very strong personality that made him a leader, He had a wonderful technical quality that allowed him to score goals with ease. His capacity for sacrifice was beyond doubt, as were many games he played with superhuman pains.

Iniesta has been compared many times to Oliver Atom.
Iniesta has been compared many times to Oliver Atom.

And it is that one of the characteristic features of the series was the exaggeration of a real world that is transformed into an unreal world. Trick shots, infernal catapults, endless careers in fields far from 100 meters or kilometers seemed to have endless parties that lasted for days were part of an offer which of course also had antagonistic characters as the great Marc Lenders.

The series begins with the start in school championships to reach the World dispute and the arrival of the main characters to the big European clubs into a real challenge for characters. As tribute, here are our who would be who in the series and currently world football.

Who would be who?

Atom could be perfectly Andrés Iniesta.

Oliver Atom: undoubtedly the star character on guiding the game. He was strong, technical speed and spectacular heart. Got all decisive goals making it seem sometimes to their true companions useless. Today could be Messi which he embodies this cartoon footballer given the ease to haggle rivals and achieve goals drilling opponents with powerful shots and unbelievable plays. Although eye, also the great magician Andres Iniesta I could do perfectly the time of Atom.


Benjamin Price: Enemy at the beginning of the series, quickly became a great friend and protagonist of the series. impossible stops, charisma and a huge safety under the sticks. His great Achilles heel injury would. Its equivalent in the real world would logically Iker Casillas, that would be missing only blocar as the ball. The similarities are so numerous that even an injury are the turning point in the careers of both goalkeepers, producing a before and after both.


Marc Lenders: the “slightly” par excellence. I had it all. Force, power and a deadly shot that he used to score goals as rosquilletas. His character was problematic, which on many occasions he caused him problems with their coaches. His strength and fitness was beyond doubt. In reality his character would be difficult to embody, but perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo which would make it better. Luso combines strength, technique and speed. Plus, a shot of the most powerful and hard, much as it was the “Tiger famous shot” the great Marc Lenders.

Alan Crockett: substitute goalkeeper Benjamin Price. It was bad, very bad and only had minutes for the injured Benji. Just transmitting security alancrocketthis teammates and is not known unscheduled stop of some merit. Clearly and without trying to disrespect their way to the field of reality it is the easiest: Adam, substitute goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who replaced the white goalkeeper in Mestalla after his hand injury.

The good that Adam did seem better than Alan Crockett who just left flashes of his quality on a computer and Newteam, said passage is, represent good football of Barcelona.

cliffordyumaClifford Yuma: This fortachón was able to knock him out few rivals on the field thanks to its huge body. highly resistant, one of his favorite weapon was his strong shot which was able to embed all rivals that put forward in an attempt to stop the ball. Its equivalent would be found in a man of great strength and shot and it seems like no one better as the great Hulk. Brazil is practically a great player traced to Yuma.

julia ross

Julian Ross: high technical quality and a vision of spectacular game. He never lost the ball and only a heart problem away will be one of the greatest of all time. He did everything well and had a faultless performance over. It is difficult to say who would replace him today, but we give the great Xavi Hernandez, with similar facility to control the ball and guide their peers. Fortunately, does not share the same heart problem.

edguarnerEd Warner: an extraordinary goalkeeper with great reflexes and made the impossible possible. He defended the colors of the Muppet, a team playing on the counter and could represent the great Real Madrid. More difficult it is to identify who would be in reality Warner. Valdes, Buffon…we will give to a classic football, José Luis Chilavert, besides great and good goalkeeper, Warner shared with ease to see the opposite door thanks to his powerful shot.

philPhilip Callahan: a great player with great talent in midfield and excellent arrival at the opponent's area. Endowed with a great personality, However Callahan, He could never win titles, partly, not having a team that had one star more to help. Complicated, very complicated, who would say this player, but most would be better to say that could be Steven Gerrard, that today, It is in the great Liverpool, a set that barely not win anything despite its great history.

pattyPatty: in a world of men must also have a woman who breaks the heart footballers. If Patty got what Oliver Atom, Sara Carbonero does in reality with Iker Casillas. Definitely, Patty's good journalist would have on his other toledana “I. Sexier one another, I already left to consumer tastes. But yes, What was Patty, to what he did? Definitely, one of the biggest unknowns in the whole series never cleared. Maybe he was also a journalist.

tombakerTom Baker: Oliver Atom partner and cornerstone of the New Team was the only approaching levels it. Good technical quality and easy to see bow hand, also he enjoyed a good temperament, what makes us opt for his role would assume the great Andres Iniesta.

And it is that after all, Baker got lost important goals and not just the ball, like manchego.

brothers Derrick brothers: these brothers were able to do impossible things. infernal catapults, combined shots were part of a repertoire that left just anyone. Definitely, They were very spectacular and put things difficult for anyone. It would be difficult to recreate, but in our opinion, that role could be assumed with some success by the brothers Laudrup, which were equally spectacular but other plays, something more earthy and more distant from Derrick.

burceBruce Harper: It was the fool of the series, the imperative to encourage the roost but hardly anything painted on the field partner. The man who generated good atmosphere but whose participation was nil. It was central. Our real character is not central, but goalkeeper, but keep good comparison with him: Pepe Reina. Napoli goalkeeper athletically just brings something to the selection, but without them nothing would be the same. Ingenuity, laughter and even the calvorota. Surely if the great Pepe read the article willingly accepts this comparison.


Roberto Sedinho: He came and went a lot in Brazil. Good football lover Atom advised as being best footballer and play better. His bet was that of “Beautiful game” and perhaps why Pep Guardiola could take this role, although he would not come from Brazil, but New York where he spent long months learning English. Both also have a common virtue: their own reflective character of two authentic philosophers.

teo sellers Teo Sellers: was porter of enormous dimensions had problems with food and your body, for he could hardly despise a good dish. There is no doubt that professional football is much more serious, but still we found similar conditions to guardametas. In Colgados for football we have spoken many times of Mister Pizza, Jeroen Verhoeven, the Dutch goalkeeper 1.91 meters and 103 kilos to the delight of fans of the Eredivisie, you have anyone get.

makoo Makoto Kitazume: their methods are not the most orthodox. Endowed with a strong personality, Muppet coach decides to wean Lenders for his character and lack of commitment to co. The group prefers star player. And you know their correlation in football today would have to search The Special One. Jose Mourinho, whose methods are not the most popular, but the best.

jeff_turner1Jeff Turner: the head coach Marc Lenders. Each teacher has his methods and training on the beach mark a before and after in how to prepare a player. With a distinctive character full of vitality, the Sage of Hortaleza could reincarnate swimmingly Turner. Same temper, elderly and methods are not without controversy, but effective.

all, Of course, It would be told with the unmistakable voice of Alfredo Martinez, the man who seems to put more enthusiasm for sports broadcasts.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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