For Fernando Llorente, Size Matters

For Fernando Llorente, Size Matters

No, We have not gone mad. We don't even know what the brave former Athletic Bilbao striker refers to now in the ranks of Juventus in Turin, one of the largest and most historic ensembles not only in Italy but in the World. The former King Léon, affirms with total emphatic that “size does matter”.

Many of you will wonder what these people hanging about football are talking about if we have already finished losing our minds for this sport but not. The statement is made by Llorente himself at the end of a promotional video with a lot of hook since the poor protagonist of it, he is almost marginalized because…”she has it small”.

As we are people with clean eyes, not like the one that the protagonists of “The Serrano” with the great Resines at the head, We do not know exactly what they mean in this funny video where even the poor boy's girlfriend complains that the size ( whatever is being talked about) it matters.

The surprise is given at the last minute by the great Fernando when he is like a kid from the north, confidently affirms that size does matter. We do not know if he will refer to the size of his boots, his nose, his ears, his right leg, the left, the third or the size of certain parts of Del Bosque for not taking him to the Spanish team and electing some in much worse condition but if the Lion King says so, Go to church.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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