English Premier League: la mejor liga del mundo

English Premier League: la mejor liga del mundo

The English Premier League is the main league in the world. Despite the fact that English football has enjoyed a league championship since 1888, no sería hasta 1992 When would the competition start as it is known today. Until then, like any other championship, the soccer league was a competition of 22 teams that played 42 matches to define the winner, who was the one who added the most points at the end of the championship.

Sin embargo, the terrible attendance at the stadiums along with their enormous security problems, as well as poor planning of television revenues, They led several clubs to deviate from the model proposed by the English Federation and pressured to create a new competition on the sidelines.

This new championship, that would come into force in the campaign 1992-93 would have the same equipment of the old “First Division” and a similar format, but it would have enormous advantages for the clubs, since it allowed a better rationalization of its commercial and television income. En definitiva, clubs were given more freedom, to the detriment of the Federation.

At present, the Premier League is made up of 20 equipos, what are you playing 38 matches in two rounds of 19 journeys, all teams facing each other in a two-leg round match. The first three go directly to the Champions League, and the fourth plays the previous one of the maximum continental competition. The FA Cup Champion, the one from the Carling Cup, and the fifth classified go to the Europa League. The last three classified go down to the Championship.

The calendar is made by lottery, but certain hot dates are taken into account where the best teams face each other. The best known case is ” Supersunday”, a Sunday next to Christmas dates, where the greats of British football play each other. Además, it is ensured that these Christmas parties, teams play in their stadiums or as close to them, to avoid long and uncomfortable journeys by fans.

And it is that in the Premier League, the viewer is the center of everything. Proof of this, is that in the Christmas festivities, unlike other leagues in the world, numerous days are concentrated to favor the attendance of the fan with his family. A) Yes, It's traditional, play on the second day of christmas ( el conocido como Boxing Day), the day 28 or New Years day.

Además, it is customary to reserve the first weekend of the year for the FA Cup, the most prestigious competition in English football due to its enormous tradition.

One of the most curious facts of the Premier is that for two seasons a non-English team has played in it, Swansea Welshman, to which this course will accompany Cardiff. This is the first time it has happened in England.. En muchas ocasiones, Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic have been called to play the Premier due to the limited competition of the Scottish League.

Along with this, Another of the most relevant characteristic data of the Premier is the presence of non-EU players. En la temporada 92-93, they only started the Premier 11 players not born on the island. At present, there is more of 255 footballers of non-British origin. This is mainly due to the entry of the Bosman Law and the continuous nationalizations. To fight with it, a law was passed requiring the player to have played the 75% of matches in the last two years with your national team if you want to participate.

The main attraction of the competition is its strong economic power. The Premier is the league that has invested the most in signings for a long time. Este verano, los 20 English clubs have invested 439 million euros in new faces, por los 88 that they have received from transfers. Mainly, has benefited from the Liga BBVA, which has seen some of its stars change their scene, looking for british glory, Navas case, Negredo case, Soldier, Pellegrini and many others.


The Premier League market is the largest in the world. His field is not only focused on England, but more than half the planet enthusiastically follows the evolutions of their favorite teams. This translates into great benefits for the championship and for the teams in their television revenues.. At present, the distribution of television rights is divided into three parts: half is shared equally between the clubs. A quarter is allocated depending on the cClassification of the teams at the end of the competition and the remaining quarter is paid based on the audience of the matches, with the bigger clubs getting more money by being, logically, those who have the most audience. The money paid by foreign televisions is distributed equally among the 20 equipos.

Along with income, especially important is the realization of Sky sports on the Premier. The English chain has the television rights, but it has the peculiarity of not televising the games on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish time) so as not to impair attendance in the lower divisions. The rest of the matches are broadcast between Sky, en principal medida, and ESPN.
Sky has the rights to 115 Premier League matches with up to five sports channels, SKY SPORTS. This offer has a cost that varies from being paid or not. Subscribers pay 20.25 pounds per month, plus a supplement of 10.25 pounds per month for HD option. For non-subscribers the price rises to 39.75 pounds per month, and the cost of HD is the same.

The Premier League tends to have a fair share of television rights.
The Premier League tends to have a fair share of television rights.


The Premier League returns to the scene with a trio of aces that will try to conquer a new edition of the most important football league in the world. The strongest candidate is the current champion, el Manchester United, but with Ferguson's low, It is a mystery how Moyes will take the reins of one of the most powerful teams in the world. Next, the analysis of the great favorites of the Premier:

Manchester United. They have not been reinforced except last minute hiring and on top of that they have lost Sir Alex Ferguson. Ozil can come, already ruled out Cesc, but his success goes through retaining Rooney and Chicharito and Van Persie being the franchise players. Con Moyes, the plan must be offensive. Nani, Valencia, Giggs, it's a good template, the problem is that it is no longer the most powerful. In his favor, there is the fact that it is a very solvent team at home and with very clear ideas. En contra, lack of reinforcements. Hanging Forecast: tercero

Manchester City. Tevez and Ballotelli are gone, but they have signed little but very well. For a start, Manuel Pellegrini will be on the bench, a guarantee of success that will seek to impose a more cheerful stamp. On the pitch, 40 million for Fernandinho, 26 by Jovetic, 25 by Negredo and 20 by Navas should be enough to not only follow United's trail but to overcome it. Hanging Forecast: champion

Chelsea. The return of Jose Mourinho to the place where he has been happiest. Now it's not The Special One anymore, sino The Happy One. With Rooney or Eto’o as targets for the attack, the luso has a great team at his disposal, starting with the figure of Bayer Leverkusen Schurrle, in which they have spent 22 millones de euros. The German joined Hazard, Women, Terry, Lampard, Cezch must command a team that aspires to very high, maximum with the reliability that Mou usually shows when playing at home: Hanging Forecast: second.

Arsenal. Wenger must break the long journey in the Arsenal desert, more of 3.000 days without winning a title. They will play well, But that's not enough. No big signings in sight, and with the loss of Gervinho, it will be difficult to get access to the Champions: Forecast: Europa League.

Tottenham. Everything will depend on whether Bale leaves or not. And in case of doing it, who do they sign. What is certain is that they are a clear threat to fight for important things with the arrival of Soldado and Étienne Capoue. This time, the Europa League is no longer the goal, the goal is to be among the 4 primeros, thing that seems close at hand. Hanging Forecast: cuarto.

Liverpool: losreds” they went from less to more last year. This year they must follow this upward line, despite the question posed by Luis Suárez. If the Uruguayan is focused and fully engaged to help, they can enter Europe as he will have the reinforcements of Mignolet, Kolo Touré and above all, Iago Aspas, a genius who can leave Alfield's stands speechless and be the perfect complement to Suárez. Perfect, as long as your complicated characters match. Forecast: Europa League.

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