Who will be the best 2015 in Spanish football?

Who will be the best 2015 in Spanish football?

Entered already 2015, We are fed up with reading, hear and see Reviews of the Best of 2014 (almost until we have forgotten them). But just released the month of February, few are those who dare to get wet in who will be the best in 2015. From Hung as always, we are going to try to go a little further than the others and we are going to do it.

To complicate it a little more, we are going to look for those who I personally think will stand out in this 2015 in the Liga BBVA. But with a condition, we are going to exclude the league champion and the two giants of our football, because I think that Real Madrid, Barça will be the best teams it is too easy as well as little original. The same happens if I say that Cristiano or Messi will be the best of 2015 in La Liga or that Cholo or Ancelotti the best coaches.


Valencia, after failing to qualify last season or for the Europa League, It seems that it has found its way again thanks to Peter Lim and Nuno. Many believe that it is a team with all the ballots to deflate before reaching the end of the season, but what their numbers say is that, as soon as he manages to improve his results away from Mestalla, he will be in a position to fight him even for third place, which gives direct access to the Champions, to Atlético de Madrid himself. At home, the numbers amply support him, having taken out 25 of the 30 disputed points (8 victorias, 1 tie, 1 defeat) having passed through there Real Madrid (2-1), Atletico Madrid (3-1) and Barcelona (0-1)


As players I will bet on two. Both can play as forwards or as a midfielder. 10 years separate the age of these two ball cracks; I'm talking about Sergio Garcia (31) and Luciano Vietto (21).

Sergio Garcia has played for several teams in our League (Barcelona, Levante, Zaragoza, Betis and Espanyol). He has always been a very good player, giving good results in the teams in which he has been, but perhaps the maturity that this season is showing to its 31 years is giving him that point that he has lacked other years to be crowned as one of the greats of our championship. Quality is not lacking, neither experience; maybe this year will be yours for real, why not?

My second proposal the Luciano Vietto. Last July Villarreal announced the signing of this young player, which was unknown to most of the football fans of our country. Media Liga has been enough for me to be forced to include it in this article. Will it be able to maintain this level for the rest of the year?

Luciano Vietto a pleasant surprise in La Liga.
Luciano Vietto a pleasant surprise in La Liga.


It is nothing new what I am going to write, but I think Mr.. Paco Jemez deserves special mention with what he is doing, with what he does game after game with his Rayo Vallecano. His team has a type of game that until he insisted on shutting his mouth, many thought it was reserved for the great, but Paco Jemez, has shown us all, that with a team that manages a more than modest budget, you can also play football well, the ball can also be treated well.

Paco Jemez has very clear ideas and knows very well what his game is and, although it has cost him more than one win, he is convinced that he prefers that his team be beaten but that they have played football with his ideas to lock himself in his field and end up beating you just the same.


Of course in this list we must include the aforementioned Luciano Vietto.

Besides this, another player to follow in this 2015 is the Valencian Gayá. At 19 years the left-handed side of Valencia has made a hole in the Valencian starting team. Few expected the explosion of this young player, which is already said that it could have offers on the table of more than one large in Europe, like Arsenal . A player, definitely, with a great projection and that has many ballots to become one of the revelations of our League.

Gayá is already followed by some great Europeans.
Gayá is already followed by some great Europeans.

Since this football is so subjective, most of you are probably thinking that I am forgetting someone, even, that some of those I have named would not deserve to be on this list. What do you think?.

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