The 'EuroBetis’ You want to close another signing

The 'EuroBetis’ You want to close another signing
Kevin Prince Boateng could return to the League (Photo:

If there is a team that is moving fast as a transfer material it is concerned that is the Real Betis Balompié. The set verdiblanco, In the absence of officialdom, He has tied the goalkeeper Pau López (Espanyol), Inui (Éibar) and Sergio Canales (Real society).

The last name has been linked to bético set, as published Sports stadium, It's Kevin Prince Boateng's, currently in the rows of Eintrach Frankfurt Bundesliga. According to this medium, also, the player is left wanting and opens the door to a possible return to the Spanish Liga after playing in Las Palmas, precisely with the current coach of Real Betis, Quique Setién, playing at a good level.

We will have to wait but it seems that the project 'EuroBetis’ It looks good and that, of course, nobody is making them farsighted as they have the very advanced work while still remaining several days to finish the competition.

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