travel 12 hours by boat, boat and bus to play a game and this is suspended

travel 12 hours by boat, boat and bus to play a game and this is suspended
Manicore CD players lived an odyssey and then not play their game. PHOTO: CD Manicore

The news happened in the city of Manaus, Amazon region of Brazil and was reported by the sports portal ‘Globe Sports'. The women's team traveled for CDC Manicoré 12 hours after a thousand problems, He arrived in Manaus, main city of the region, to play the match for the Women Amazonas state championship against Atletico Amazonense. But his opponent did not show up.

The players began their journey on Thursday morning, where they had to make two hours by boat to reach the town of Democracy. There they had to take a bus, that it took for 9 hours and further, due to road conditions by circulating, He even having to stay aground own players and coaches who push. All an odyssey.

And if that was not enough, Then they had to take a boat to reach Manaus where they learned that their opponent would not appear to match. At least the players took the positive side to the situation because at least they knew and visited the site of the party, the Arena da Amazonia, stadium where several matches were played at the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

At least we came here, We met the stadium and we took photos” , He told the newspaper 'Globe Sports‘ Josicleia Alves, one of the players in the Manicoré. A great example.

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