Vente to Germany Pepe: working well, no goals

Vente to Germany Pepe: working well, no goals

Said in his heyday Don Alfredo Di Stefano a Sunday without sun it is like a football match without goals. Well, effectively, It is well known that the sauce soccer goals are and when they occur fans and viewers tend to enjoy with your team. As well, Bundesliga there is every reason to be happy. Because after seven rounds played and 63 matches has not been a draw 0. And if added, the previous season, we are carrying more than 100 encounters having a goal or more (101).

stadiums filled, sets obsessed with the goal and fields in perfect condition together a cocktail that make scoring goals in Germany is easier than in other leagues. In fact, only in 11 parties has scored one goal. Unprecedented in modern times and yes brings us to past times when being played differently.

The situation is unique in Europe because no other big league matches it. La Liga has seen seven draws to 0 in their 69 watching matches played teams like Levante, Betis and Real Sociedad have achieved such a result draw on more than one occasion. Something that also happens in the Premier where in 59 matches, five have ended in a draw without opening the can (including a Manchester United-Chelsea).

In Germany there has been no draws to 0.
In Germany there has been no draws to 0.

Neither France nor Italy beyond the cerocerismo. Serie A, always considered defensive, They have only been three draws to 0 in the first six days giving the feeling that it is becoming more offensive and less tactical. The league 1 instead has produced ten draws to 0, with days up to three shutouts.

Germany's feat not equal or Holland or Scotland, leagues always considered a long shot. Eredivisie five games have ended in 0-0 and in Scotland the same. Champions also escapes only to cerocerismo, but of course only 16 matches. In Germany, working well, There are also goals. To not go there.

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