Parents and children who played World

Parents and children who played World
La lista entera de padres e hijos que jugaron un Mundial. PHOTOMONTAGE: Colgados

¿Cuántos padres e hijos jugaron un Mundial? Being a footballer often has dyes tradition. Son muchos los padres e hijos futbolistas conocidos. Y es que en la profesión de jugador de fútbol muchas veces el padre intenta que su hijo siga con su estela. Vamos a recordar algunos casos en los que ambos jugaron en una world Cup.

Parents and children who played World

Pablo and Diego Forlan

The Forlán added between the two 5 World Cups Played with zamarra of Uruguay. Paul's father, played two World Cups with Uruguay Celeste of 1966 England and the 1974 in German lands. It was a brave lateral right. Diego, The son, You need no introduction. Former Manchester United striker, Villarreal and Atletico Madrid played three World Cups and others defending the flag of your country : 2006 in Germany, 2010 South Africa where he was one of the best and 2014 Brazil already clear downhill of his career.

Y Cesare Maldini

The saga Maldini as Forlan, also adds 5 world. Father Cesare, He played in Chile 1962. Paolo, son and one of the best defenses in football history, played in 4 world: 1990, 1994, 1998 Y 2002. Coincidentally none of them managed to never win a World Cup (Paolo stood at the doors 1994 and Italy won 2006 just the first in which was not from 1990) but if the two lifted the European Cup which is something.

Roy, Patrik Andersson and Daniel

Roy Andersson tenía genes futbolísticos para dar y tomar. The proof is that in this case, he and two of his sons, They played in the World Cup with Sweden. El padre lo hizo en Argentina in 1978, Patrik in USA 94 Y Korea and Japan 2002 where he met his brother Daniel who also played in the 2006. Almost nothing.

July and Paolo Montero

Another Uruguayan father and son both played in a World Cup. July, the parent, He played in two World, Mexico 1970 Y Germany 1974. Paolo, The son, a tough defender who played for Juventus for many years, He participated in the Uruguayan zamarra of Korea and Japan 2002.

Jean y Youri Djorkaeff

Jean's father, played in England 1966 with France and became the captain of Les Bleus. Youri as we said, fue campeón con Francia en el Mundial de 1998 precisely it held in the Gallic country. He also participated in the 2002 where France went in the first round it was a dismal failure.

Peter y Kasper Schmeichel

Peter jugó en el Mundial de Francia 1998 y su hijo Kasper los de Rusia 2018 y Qatar 2022. Ambos guardametas, ambos defendieron la portería de Dinamarca en una cita mundialista.

Lilian y Marcus Thuram

Lilian el padre, is one of los mejores jugadores de la historia de Francia. World Champion 1998 Y runner-up 2006, juice 3 Copas del Mundo con Francia. Su hijo Marcus debutó en una Copa del Mundo en Qatar 2022.

Danny y Daley Blind

La saga de los Blind ha estado presente con la zamarra holandesa. The father, Danny, played in Italy 90 e USA 94. El hijo Daley los de Brazil 2014 Y Qatar 2022.

Parents and children who played World
Daley Blind ha disputado 2 world, los mismos que disputó su padre Danny. PHOTO:

Lista completo de padres e hijos que jugaron en un Mundial

country Padre/ Mundial (is) Hijo / world (is)
Mexico Luis Pérez (1930) Mario Pérez (1970)
España y México Luis Regueiro (1934) Luis Regueiro (1966)
France Roger Rio (1934) Patrice Rio (1978)
España y México Martí Vantolrà (1934) José Vantolrà (1970)
Brazil Domingos da Guia (1938) Ademir da Guia (1974)
Spain Vicente Asensi (1950) Juan Manuel Asensi (1978)
Italy Cesare Maldini (1962) Paolo Maldini (1990, 1994, 1998 Y 2002)
Spain Manuel Sanchis (1966) Manolo Sanchis (1990)
France Jean Djorkaeff (1966) Youri Djorkaeff (1998 Y 2002)
Uruguay Pablo Forlán (1966 Y 1974) Diego Forlan (2002, 2010 Y 2014)
Spain Miguel Reina (1966) Pepe Reina (2006, 2010, 2014 Y 2018)
Romania Nicolae Lupescu (1970) Ioan Lupescu (1990 Y 1994)
Belgium Jan Verheyen (1970) Gert Verheyen (1998 Y 2002)
Uruguay Julio Montero (1970 Y 1974) Paolo Montero (2002)
Sweden Roland Andersson (1978) So some young people came (1994 Y 2002) y Daniel Andersson (2002 Y 2006)
Sweden Anders Linderoth (1978) Tobias Linderoth (2002 Y 2006)
Spain ‘Periko’ Alonso (1982) Xabi Alonso (2006, 2010 Y 2014)
Poland Wlodzimierz Smolarek (1982 Y 1986) Euzebiusz Smolarek (2006)
Czechoslovakia / Slovakia Ján Kozák (1982) Ján Kozák (2010)
South Korea Cha Bum-kun (1986) Cha Du-ri (2002 Y 2010)
Mexico Javier ‘Chícharo’ Hernández (1986) Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández (2010, 2014 Y 2018)
Czechoslovakia / Slovakia Vladimir Weiss (1990) Vladimir Weiss (2010)
Holland Danny Blind (1990 Y 1994) Daley Blind (2014 Y 2022)
Costa Rica Alexandre Guimarães (1990) Celso Borges (2014, 2018 Y 2022)
Brazil and Spain Mazinho (1990 Y 1994) Thiago Alcántara (2018)
Denmark Peter Schmeichel (1998) Kasper Schmeichel (2018 Y 2022)
France Liliam Thuram (1998, 2002 Y 2006) Marcus Thuram (2022)



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