Winston Coe, the one-armed archer

Winston Coe, the one-armed archer
Formula 1

Put together a football team is simple, ostensibly, It is made up of 10 field men that aim to reach the opponent's goal without using hands, and an archer to defend the own goal, this is the only one with the ability to use their hands in their area. So far it sounds logical, without any problem, to hear the story of Winston Coe, the one-armed archer, yes, an archer ... without an arm!

The peculiar story is set in Argentina, in the far 1906, when the sport of kicking was "exclusive" British, still considered an amateur sport. The "problem" occurred because the Barracas Athletic, Coe computer that served as defense decided to accept an offer by Laforia, only team goalkeeper.

For the next meeting, without finding a replacement for Laforia within the framework to face the Estudiantesde Buenos Aires by the Argentine Football Association, hours before the meeting Coe Winston raised his voice saying: "If they want to give them a hand, of, you know I can not ". Such was the courage with which to defend Coe set the framework, that the team he had no choice but to give a chance to young defender, now archer.

Barracas entered the field, in anticipation of the audience to see who would choose as a goalkeeper, although Estudiantes was the winner by 2-1, supporters were stunned with the performance of Manco Coe. The next day the newspaper La Prensa, in his chronicle, public: “He interrupted the one-armed many shots Coe, for which he became famous, it is no small virtue play in precisely this position handedness is made, when not having a. His way to stop the ball, security and confidence with which proceeds are commendable”.

Similar to the performance of goalkeeper-side of Irish origin, They decided to keep him as a starter in two games more. Regrettably, There were two thrashings against: 11-0 ante reforms, one of the "strong" teams in the league, and they fell to the powerful Alumni 5 a 0 (Alumni was the team that acquired Laforia, originating goalkeeper Barracas). Press wrote: “the result would have been catastrophic without the presence of Coe”. Were the only 3 Coe encounters below 3 palos, the press remembers welcome, and leaves us an incredible story.

Carlos Marquez

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