Benzema, the 9 without a goal

Benzema, the 9 without a goal
The numbers are perhaps overshadowing the true performance of Benzema in Real Madrid. Photo: Brand

Much has been said about Benzema and it seems that it is never short. Usually, It questioned in Madrid and foremost when not win, as almost everywhere. With the French it is the same, even if you win. The center forward position in the white set has been occupied many times by legendary front and contrasted in recent decades. Names like Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Hugo Sanchez and Raul among others.

Some, scorers recognized and others not so much. Benzema was, originally in Lyon, a player coveted by big European clubs, mainly Barcelona and Real Madrid. A player with good ball and with acceptable numbers in front of goal for a player of his youth. The truth is that those years have passed and now, their 30 years and looking back, Benzema does not seem to have been able to make that leap of quality that was expected of him.

Thus, French has been and is being questioned by the supporters at the Bernabeu in different phases, especially when the results do not accompany. Today the voices that lie outside the white team end of the season are becoming more numerous, although earlier dates happen the same and the Gallic player survived, especially for the guarantee given him continuously president Florentino Perez.

But really Benzema has a soul center forward?. If we stop to analyze the game minimally white player, Evidence shows us somefeatures that do not match that definition. It is not the predator area that has between his eyebrows the goal. It feels more comfortable in the immediate area within it. Band falls easily, It is outlined in the apex, abuses in many cases finding the final pass and appears uncomfortable in the auction in the area of ​​influence 9.

Even, If we stop to coldly analyze the numbers scorers Karim, They are pretty good numbers for a player who moves in frontcourt but that is not the team's center forward. Has been the French footballer then devoured by the system, for 4-3-3 spearhead the attack? probably not, because in the 4-4-2 Nor it has especially looked. Benzema has worked bursty, it has become a fully intermittent player who shines not according to the tactical picture or the players around him, but his individual success and confidence. No longer a player listless and cold, very few feelings that transmits directly to the stand.

And no doubt the outstanding figure of Cristiano Ronaldo overshadows and diminishes even further the Gallic footballer. Stratospheric numbers of Portuguese in many seasons minimize the contribution of Benzema, although in many cases is the main partner of Madeira. Real Madrid striker and demand nine personally think the club will look at the market next summer signings and if I had to bet on a name, Harry would be Kane. But really, the striker, whatever it is, you still have the difficulty of living with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Luso is the white team scorer and conditions and age shows that their position is beginning to be delimited increasingly area or areas very close to it. Anything leave the area and seek more creative areas it is to their detriment and performance. It is the only way to keep or get close to their numbers. The positioning of the Portuguese clashes with the arrival of nine goalscorer, not in a tactical drawing initial, but in the course of the game logic. That player must live, again, with lower than expected goalscoring figures which will again raise doubts in their first seasons.

Regardless of the arrival of a "killer", Nor is guaranteed output Benzema. It seems more than likely that at this stage of his football career, a new coach (in any case Zidane) the possibility that the Gallic player could accompany it would raise a 9 pure, whatever it is called this, behind him. That would force a change of drawing too drastic for what is customary in Chamartin with 4-2-3-1 O 4-1-4-1, where Benzema would be a hitch arrival and where their passing game would look much more, without the requirement of being eternally finisher criticized for its lack of marksmanship.

If Florentino Perez does not intervene, Benzema will have to pack this 30 of June. I think there are two readings of his career at Real Madrid. From the perspective of the French, He has been a player who has not brought him full advantage by different coaches who have gone through the white bench. And from the standpoint of the club, Real Madrid can not afford the luxury of a player who acts 9, whether or not it, Keep realizadoras figures well below the reference front of the big European clubs.

Miguel Mandías

Miguel Mandías

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