Japan's reaction after being eliminated in Russia 2018 which it has become viral

Japan's reaction after being eliminated in Russia 2018 which it has become viral
Pese a caer eliminados en el último suspiro, la reacción de los japoneses fue ejemplar. Photo: www.forbes.com.mx

The Japanese are different people, with an education and culture which in some respects surely walk a few advanced years with the rest of the planet. We have seen them in record time to overcome natural disasters with civility and calm worthy of praise. In football not going to be less and although Belgium came from behind 0-2 and they won in the discount eliminating the Nipponese World Russia 2018, their reaction has surprised the world and has become viral.

Far from lamentations, shouting, kicking any element or similar shows that are usually seen when a team drops as they fell Japanese, Nipponese got another lesson to the world stopping to talk to press, fans and leaving her wardrobe so clean that picked up and cleaning services had almost no work. They also left a sheet with the word thanks in Russian thanking stadium workers and the organization in general everything they had done for them.

So the Japanese left the locker room after being eliminated at the last minute. Photo: Twitter / ESPN Argentina

Costume photo unpolluted cleared ‘ESPN’ in his official twitter and soon became viral. A reaction that should seem normal but that should surprise us and make us think that perhaps, others are doing something wrong.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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