Substitute goalkeeper score sandwich Sutton related to betting

Substitute goalkeeper score sandwich Sutton related to betting
Wayne Shaw, Sutton goalkeeper eating a sandwich on the bench during the match that his team played against Arsenal.

Wayne Shaw was the star of the historic day that lived Sutton, modest team from the lower divisions of English football and a whole faced Arsenal in the FA Cup match. Not only was the protagonist for his 45 years for its unique plant and adorned with 115 kilos of paunch and double chin, but because without thinking twice, He ate a sandwich on the bench of his team which was the image of the night viral on social networks.

However after this peculiar, curious and perhaps even shameful action given the party enjundia, They could hide other hidden interests in particular, related to the world of gambling that has cost the good of Shaw an investigation by the British authorities and step, leaving the assembly. The rotund goalkeeper became perhaps too media.

This is Wayne Shaw, until his incident with the sandwich, Sutton goalkeeper alternate English.

Its action has been linked to a bookmaker, paying 8 pounds 1 if Shaw was put to eat during the crash. The modest English club has asked to leave the team, something that the goalkeeper has had to access. Seeing the habit of the English to bet on all, It does not seem farfetched. With the already decided for Arsenal clash, Shaw took a sandwich and caught the attention of all cameras and image went around the world. What seemed a curious anecdote can cost face to Shaw if the investigation continues its course.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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