This former Liverpool is accused of a jinx for your hobby

This former Liverpool is accused of a jinx for your hobby
Jamie Carragher posed with the trophy before the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid (Photo: Instagram Carragher)

The world of sport in general and football in particular is full of superstitions. One of the most widespread in the beautiful game is not to touch the trophy before a final. The last example we had a few days ago when Payet, Olympique Marseille player, Cup played in the final of the Europa League against Atletico. Not only did he lose his team but he was injured in the first half and had to be replaced with tears in his eyes..

As well, it was the turn of Jamie Carragher yesterday. The former Liverpool, Champion of Champions, He posed before the end of yesterday with the trophy and hung the photo to her official Instagram account. From there, there were many fans of the team that berated this fact as they felt it was foolhardy. logically, after seeing what happened in the match with injury biggest star team (false) and the two sings of the goalkeeper red there were many who accused him of having jinxed the team.

Coincidence or not, the fact is that Liverpool did not have any luck in the final and Carragher certainly regret having touched the Champions finally returned to win the Real Madrid thus achieving the 13th in its history (3rd row).

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