According to medical report, Karius finished the Champions League final with a concussion

According to medical report, Karius finished the Champions League final with a concussion
Karius apologized after his mistakes in the Champions League final. Now a study says he played with a concussion. Photo:

When it seemed all seen the terrible performance of Loris Karius in the final of the Champions League 2018, where two of his errors served on a platter to Real Madrid the Champions number 13, a new and unexpected turn of events occurs. According to a report by Ross Zafonte and Lenore Herget, Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital where the doorman came to be, Karius have played the final with a concussion. In particular after a coup d'Sergio Ramos.

“After carefully reviewing images party and integrate a detailed history, in which current and subsequent subjective symptoms include contact, and physical examinations and objective measurements, We conclude that Mr. Karius suffered a concussion during the game 26 May 2018”, He reported the statement released by the American Medical Center.

According to the report: “At the time of our evaluation, the main residual symptoms and objective signs suggest that Mr. Karius suffered a visual spatial dysfunction that likely occurred immediately after the event that caused the commotion. Such deficits may affect performance”. German shock Liverpool goalkeeper had suffered after hitting the minute Ramos 49, two minutes before the singing tremendous that would lead to the first goal of Real Madrid.

Then came his sung in the third. Two errors that led to the footballer, even received death threats from some undesirable. Now, 10 days after the news that the goalkeeper may have played conditioned by this problem arises and it would have been the key to their two errors. Something the report also shows doctors all. Definitely, the controversy is served.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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