Germany 4 Sweden 4, monument to football

Germany and Sweden tied at four goals in one of the best games that are remembered in the history of classifications stages of a World after the Scandinavians were losing 4-0 in the minute 65.

Germany came in the first time showing a fast football, using many combinations near the Swedish area and managing to reach without much difficulty by the two bands. And the minute 2 the Germans had the first clear chance, a left-footed shot from Thomas Müller that crashed against the post.

That arrival was not the result of chance but was a logical result of the way the game was being presented. Despite a Swedish fortuitous arrival at the minute 5 -Holmen a shot from outside the area above the goal- It was clear that whoever ruled the country was Germany.

The ball circulating in the Swedish half and the goal seemed a matter of time. He did not need much. And the minute 9 the first came when Klose defined with a left-footed shot from about six meters center Marco Reus. Six minutes later the same formula was repeated: Reus center, again from the left, Klose scored from Germany and could celebrate the second.

After the second goal, there was a phase in which Sweden showed some reaction and Germany down the pace a bit but it did not last long.

In the minute 38, there was a double opportunity to Reus and Mesut Özil Real Madrid and the 39 He came the third, through defender Per Mertesacker marked with a shot with the right leg in the area after a cross head Müller.

At the beginning of the second half, Sweden made an attempt to shake off the advancing German superiority clear their lines and trying to put pressure on Joachim Löw in his own half.

In the minute 56 Müller who was empowered Özil, with a cross from the right, and Real Madrid to score the fourth with a left to the back post.

Offensive efforts of the Swedes did not stop and be rewarded, in the minute 62, with a header Zlatan Ibrahimovic, A centro de Kallstrom (4-1).

The goal seemed to be only the honor but just two minutes later came the second for Sweden through Lustig.

With two goals in two minutes a game, that it seemed settled, He returned to be suddenly opened. The Swedes had not only closed the gap but had received a morale boost which suggested that a comeback was possible.

Germany, that after the 4-0 He seemed to have lowered its performance at half speed, I had to wake up again. Toni Kroos a chance in the 69, with a shot to which Isaakson reacted with a good stop was an important signal for Loew.

However, the party was open, Swedes showed faith and will and Ibrahmovic, who had not been heard in the first part, He had begun to send in the field. Besides, the German defense was water everywhere in every advance Swedish.

In it 76 It was Elmander who scored the third for the Swedes to give way to a quarterfinal stressful time.

Germany did not run the risk of trying to manage goal lead, He sought the fifth and had two chances on shots from outside the area Kroos, in it 82 against the post, and Özil, in it 83 over the goal.

Sweden, meanwhile, He came close to an equalizer in the 85, when Kakanalik topped over when the goal was empty after Manuel Neuer lost a dogfight with Ibrahomovic.

When everything seemed settled, on the last play of the game, It came the goal of the tie. Ibrahimovic won an aerial duel Mertesacker and left the ball Elm who beat Neuer strong shooting.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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