Alexi Lalas, rocker footballer

Alexi Lalas, rocker footballer
Alexi Lalas, one of the USA soccer legends. PHOTO:

Alexi Lalas He was one of the legendary players who wore the US national team shirt in the World Cup that was played in 1994 in the American country itself. But it is also one of the most remembered. The tough defense rocker aspect of the era and known as “Buffalo Bill“, was one of those players multifaceted able to do more things besides playing football.

Alexi Lalas, a mythical soccer from USA

This burly center of almost two meters high, He was the first American footballer to play for the Italian Calcium and the best player of his country in 1995. Except his time in Italy playing in the ranks of the Padova and a short stay in Ecuador's Emelec, He developed most of his career in the US where he finally retired in LA Galaxy, where a few years later he became president of the club.

Alexi Lalas against Romario in a USA match 94.
Lalas to Romario in a match USA 94. PHOTO: Goal

born on 1 June 1970 played two World Cups with US, the one from the USA 94 and the France 98 defense where he formed another legendary football made in the USA of the time, Marcelo Balboa. Before that, He had played the Hockey where he was champion Michigan in a story very American film and recorded a disc that another guitar in hand. And it Lalas, apart from ex- soccer player, It is a music lover.

The rocker footballer

Melena redhead wind and goatee of the same color to the purest style viking, between games, He'd walk his guitar which was the delight of his teammates. It became part of a group called “Ginger”with whom he recorded several albums. Definitely a different player with soul, something very difficult to find nowadays in a football full of marketing and 'posturing'.

Alexi Lalas
Lalas, to a different player today. PHOTO: Youtube

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