Scare a suspect package was addressed to Florentino Perez at the Bernabeu

Scare a suspect package was addressed to Florentino Perez at the Bernabeu
Real Madrid employees were shocked by the arrival of a suspicious package addressed to Florentino Pérez. Photo: Brand

The alert status was at the Bernabeu. In mid afternoon, CNP agents specialized chemicals, They appeared at the stadium of Real Madrid to examine a suspicious envelope addressed to Florentino Perez, white club president who came from Italy and had been received in the club offices at the edge of three p.m.. It seems like, to be opened, let out a white powder alerted relevant authorities.

The thing was not going to joke and flight, immediately activated the emergency protocol corresponding biological alerts. Appointment at the Bernabeu immediately gave police officers, Tedax, NRBQ, Samur members and the fire department evacuated the restaurants located on the side of the stadium.

Specialized technicians took samples of suspicious white powder for analysis. The results will be known in a few days. For what is seen is not the first time they receive a package of its kind in the Bernabeu. Some employees have told reporters that have already experienced several instances of these. Definitely, a big scare the living. Hopefully averiguen intentions and the sender of the suspicious package.

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