Alaves players, Levante and Leganés review the 2019

Alaves players, Levante and Leganés review the 2019

Luis Rioja players and Aleix Vidal (Alaves), Sergio Postigo and Aitor Fernandez (Levante UD) and Roberto Rosales and Sabin Merino (CD Leganés) They responded to various questions by reviewing the season in an organized contest for the house football betting Betway sponsor of the three clubs.

What it was the biggest win of the season? Has there been any own goal this season? and who was expelled from the first season? are some of the questions curious that the players of each team must respond well competing against each other.

Sabin Merino did not forget the biggest win of this 2019 for pepineros when they thrashed Real Betis for three to zero. Something that the Levante players did not fully agree. Sergio Postigo was the 2-0 against Real Valladolid while for Aitor Fernandez was the 3-1 against FC Barcelona last 2 November 2019. Point eventually fell to the goal despite that both wins were produced by the same goal difference.

Nobody wants to remember the own goals, Aleix Vidal but it was clear that this year hitting anyone Alaves had scored an own goal. If anything was clear is that Aitor Fernández (for many the best keeper in this 2019) It has well studied your team and swept his fellow team Postigo 2 points 0, who he was fastest in the next question but missed the answer to Aitor him poking around a hat-trick in the Quiz. When asked how many had penalties for Levante, Aitor knew they were 4 goals and that he for, No strip.

Luis Rioja and Aleix Vidal had clear goals that led Alaves. Which they did not have as clear Leganes players Sabin and Rosales, They are throwing numbers at random until the Venezuelan side managed to hit the own goal of his team. that if, neither he matched the points to which pepineros stayed in Europe last season, although Rosales has a great excuse because they did not play in Leganés last season where he wore the jersey RCD Espanyol.

Sergio Postigo failed to hit any point, nor was right position his team the previous season. Central granota thought the Levante finally ended the season in sixteenth position when he did at the fifteenth, but did it matter, the objective was met in this 2019 and as a result, They granota finish the year 2 parts of Europe.

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