Brasil 2-Italy 2: possibly the best friendly world

Brasil 2-Italy 2: possibly the best friendly world
Brasil 2-Italy 2: possibly the best friendly world

Brazil and Italy signed a two-goal tie on Thursday in a vibrant friendly match in Geneva, in which the attacks prevailed over the defenses and in which the two teams gave their all.

The clash between two teams that add up to nine World Cups - five Brazil and four Italy- left an excellent taste in their mouths because both teams sought victory to the end and did not speculate at all, despite not being an official match.

The swords were in style for the match that will face them, this time yes in official competition, next June in the group stage of the Confederations Cup in Brazil.

It was worth the money paid by those who came to the Stade de Genve, mostly members of the large Brazilian and Italian communities in the city, who enjoyed the beauty of the offensive show offered by the two sets.

From the start, Brazilians and Italians rushed to search unceremoniously the opposite area, often neglecting defense, what drew special attention in the case of transalpinos, that did not show their traditional defensive solidity.

The goal could come from both sides from the first minutes of the clash, but we had to wait until after the first half hour for a Filipe Luis center from the left, badly cleared by Barzagli, was picked up by Fred, that he solved masterfully.

Italy maintained the tension and was able to shorten distances with occasions from Balotelli, May and Pirlo, in a first part in which the Prandelli seal was once again evident, because the azzurri played to touch and to leave their field without long balls.

Two specific failures in the defense, almost unthinkable in the Italian tradition of catenaccio, they condemned the Italians in the first 45 minutes of the crash, that were an intense exchange of blows between two teams launched to attack.

The second Brazilian goal was a great counterattack by Neymar, that crossed the Italian field diagonally and in the front of the area faked the shot to give the ball to Oscar, who overcame the Italian goal with class and calm with the outside of the right foot.

It was one of the few appearances by the Santos forward, coveted by half of Europe and very close to Barcelona, that despite not lavishing much left a couple of house brand plays, full of speed and verticality.

Brazil seemed to have the game well controlled until in a corner badly defended by Canarinha De Rossi managed to get his leg and deflect the ball away from Julio César's reach..

The goal was a spring for Italy and for Balotelli, who appeared out of nowhere to pick up a ball in the front of the area and overcome with power and placement an advanced Julio César. Another great goal.

The Milan striker himself was able to turn the scoreboard five minutes later in a heads-up with the Brazilian goalkeeper in which, after superb ball control, kicked the ball against the goalkeeper's body.

The ball continued to flow smoothly to both areas, but the marker no longer moved, in the middle of an endless carousel of changes that ended up breaking the rhythm of the match.

The madridistas Kaka and Marcelo came out in this second half, and the athletic Diego Costa, that he made his debut with the Brazilian team and definitively ended the debate about his internationality, since he also has the Spanish passport.

In the end, everyone happy. Italy has not beaten Brazil since the memorable World Cup match in Spain (3-2) in quarterfinals, but she was satisfied to have known and been able to raise a 2-0 adverse, and for offering a dynamic and brilliant football.

Brazil, meanwhile, has not beaten a weight rival since the return of Luiz Felipe Scolari to the bench of the host of the World Cup 2014, but when he had his apparent eleven of gala on the grass he gave a feeling of great offensive potential.

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