Five proposals for improvement for Spanish football

Five proposals for improvement for Spanish football

In these times of crisis that run, soccer is no stranger to economic recession or slowdown. The shortage of money and the confluence of new factors such as the advancement of technologies or the simple foreign growth of Spanish football have modified a panorama that just ten years ago seemed idyllic. Thus, At Hanging for Soccer we propose five proposals that, definitely, they could make a better world. We present them:

1- Modification of the Copa del Rey format. With the difficulties that this entails, especially due to the refusal of the big clubs, It would be convenient to tackle a reform of the Copa del Rey and its system. Empty fields, meager audiences and clandestine matches during the week is not the way to revitalize one of the most exciting competitions. Even less if you play a double game, where the strong has a margin of error before the less strong. Thus, maybe the solution would go through:

– suppress the two-legged qualifiers, at least until the semifinals and endow the champion with a Champions place. More excitement, more tension and the weak who can win anyone. It was in force for a few years and there were surprises. It is true that the competition can be orphaned of large sets in the final instances, but there is the attraction of the Champions Square, everyone will put the maximum interest.

Getafe, Copa del Rey and cold. Perfect cocktail for a half-empty stadium.
Getafe, Copa del Rey and cold. Perfect cocktail for a half-empty stadium.

2-Cast and television schedules, to debate: the advantages of the Asian market should be analyzed. Because if what is gained by one place is lost by another, the remedy will be worse than the disease.. The television cast is an absolute aberration in favor of the biggest and leagues with champions over 100 points. Equality and the middle class has disappeared and both the economic deal, social and television is disproportionate. Let's not talk about schedules anymore, football is for him “pueblo”. Without spectators there is no business. Stadiums start to register pitiful entries, many times because to see a meeting is an act of faith.

3- Cheaper tickets: there is no doubt that if the country is bad there is no money for much and less for money. It cannot be that going to see a Valencia-Elche or a Celta-Barcelona supposes a considerable sacrifice for the fan in his pocket. Is the same collection preferred with the stadium full or with the stadium half and higher tickets? The answer is obvious and leaders must take note. Germany is the example of this.

The conception of the entries in Spain and Germany is different.
The conception of the entries in Spain and Germany is different.

4- A change in Second B? Here the proposal admits more conflicting visions because it is a revolutionary idea but something has to be done with the bronze category of Spanish football that is bleeding. Minimum minimum collections, marginality on television and even the press, unfortunate financial situations of most teams. Why not narrow it down to a single group and 20 teams? An excellent website like (fortunately there are still media that care about her exclusively) analyzed the differences with other leagues of third national rank And really the comparisons were hateful. Why not professionalize it and give it its own identity? Can you imagine Oviedo, Racing, Cádiz, Lleida or Cartagena fighting side by side to climb in the same group?

The idea at least is worth studying. It is known that the Liga Adelante itself is already bad, but if we put a solution to the Second B, this directly runs the risk of becoming in a short time a league of friends. Why not set age limits for the youngest to play?

5- More rational calendar: we must find a balance between vacations of players and spectators. It can't be that the League stops at Christmas, time that would be ideal to see more games on the field for the school holidays. England, Holland and many other countries where the climate allows it is done. Why not start later because in August many people are still distracted on the beach or in their party towns and delay those days to the Christmas period?

A nice, proposals, nothing more than that.

Julio Muñoz

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