Do you know Angel Correa?

This is the grand appearance of Opening 2013 and after a winter market where it was linked to 2 big Spanish clubs (Atletico Madrid and Valencia), is the star of San Lorenzo de Almagro current Argentine tournament champion and one of the candidates to bring back the Copa Libertadores on Argentine soil. In Colgados for football we present pearl penultimate rosarina, to many as compared with Aguero.

Born March 1995, It is an often attacker (1,74 cm) but enjoys great physical strength despite his youth. It usually occurs on either side of the offensive side, almost always appearing by surprise from the second line which takes advantage of its high speed and especially his immense technical quality. When you are playing lying at one end, pays well either on the left or right, takes advantage of his good 1 against 1 to outrun defenders and create superiority in attack, can finish plays with a shot or associating with peers. All these features can lead to having him perform in a usual position in modern football, false 9. still enjoys great goalscoring ease, but both in the air and in defining his bad leg, lefty, There are two aspects that will improve with time.

Correa started playing football 2 clubs of his native Rosario, Sacred Heart & Shooting, to the 12 San Lorenzo discovered years after passing a test and entered the bottom of the Cyclone. He rose to prominence in the lower particularly in the Seventh, while late 2011 He was free and was about to sign for Benfica. San Lorenzo ended firmándole a professional contract and Correa alternated lower Cyclone with the first team training. Juan Antonio Pizzi did not hesitate and made her debut on 31 March 2012 against his hometown club Newell's Old Boys, He replaced the minute 67 Enzo Kalinski. It became the turning crow along the Clausura 2013, until his name came all the covers in the derby against Boca Juniors marking the 3-0 and making a great game.

And the opening was consolidated as a starter in San Lorenzo, completing an extraordinary tournament that helped the Cyclone back campeonar 6 years later, shared praises strike partner Keko Villalba. He started all dates but had 2 performances that made him jump to the covers, a brace against All Boys and again the winning goal in the derby against Boca Juniors. All these actions led him to be one of the names that sounded harder to leave Argentina in the European winter market, San Lorenzo but is prohibited from transferring any player by court order, because their accounts are investigated for alleged money laundering. Argentina's San Lorenzo justice relates to a dangerous drug gang Buenos Aires, Band of the Apes, to make matters worse this business group related to drug trafficking has the 40% Pass Angel Correa.

This put to European clubs who craved his move, until came the rumor that the famous representative Jorge Mendes had with the percentage to the player who was under investigation. Yet Correa said he wanted to play the Copa Libertadores with San Lorenzo and wait to jump to Europe as soon as this summer, thus it becomes one of the stars of the recently started and here you Colgados for football competition we have presented.

Javier Ruiz Hereña

Javier Ruiz Hereña

Where I put the eye, I put the ball. I put more of a Jamaica-Tunisia Sub 17 a classic. Coach level II. I can read and follow @ Favilon69


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