Do you know Manu Lanzarote?

Do you know Manu Lanzarote?

Manu Lanzarote is Espanyol's surprise at the start of the League. Despite the insistence of the main media chains with the same as always, in the League and in Spanish football, there are more teams than the two transatlantic ships in the League and more players than the Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and other players of the two greats. Because, in Colgados for football, we want to present one of the most elegant left-handers in the Spanish League.

The way to the elite of “Spear” It has not been a path of roses. Born in Barcelona on 20 of January of 1984, lived his childhood and adolescence in one of the worst neighborhoods in Barcelona, La Mina. The modest neighborhood of Barcelona has been the scene of themed films such as the “Burns”. The player himself has related in first person the type of way of life that prevailed in those humble streets, where drug sales, the raids, street fights and razor blades were the daily bread. Fortunately, the ball can with everything.

Manu Lanzarote on the day of his presentation with Espanyol.
Manu Lanzarote on the day of his presentation with Espanyol.

Barcelona noticed his elegant left foot and hired him for his lower categories. Thanks to this, managed to get out of the hostile and inadvisable environment of his neighborhood, even if it was thanks to a lie. The player explained that his parents had moved to live outside Barcelona, ​​so the club, He let him live in one of the apartments that he has reserved for lower-level players. Definitely, that was the first goal of his career.

The inferiors of Barça would only be the first step of a long career for practically all categories of Spanish football., minus the First Division. He went through the Second Division with Lleida, Second B and Third with teams like Sant Andreu, Oviedo and Eibar until Sabadell recently promoted to the Second Division, she noticed he. With the harlequin equipment, Lanzarote brought out its full potential.

Manu Lanzarote triumphed at Sabadell.

With the best left-handed in the category, put at the service of the Catalans, assists, Arrivals, spectacular goals and dream dribbles despite not being a really fast player. Nevertheless, his moment to reach the top of Spanish football did not arrive until the summer of 2013 when he signed for Espanyol. He had to wait until 28 years to debut in the elite.

The day of his debut he already left samples of what he is capable of doing. In the match played in Cornella at the end of August 2013, Espanyol, beat Valencia by three goals to one. The team's last goal “Perico” it was a work of art by Manu Lanzarote. Came out a few minutes, caught the ball, faced the Valencia defender, threw a pipe and assisted Thievy to execute the Valencian team. If that move had been signed by one of the usual, the media roll would have ended up almost qualifying it as the move of the century.

His latest genius, the goal he scored for Granada last week. In a free indirect discussed, He placed the ball with a softness and an indisputable talent, from a left-handed person that if he carried another shield, surely would be more valued. Don't be fooled, soccer exists beyond the usual ones despite what they are told in the main media channels. Fortunately, will always be hung by football.

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