Do you know Tuca Ferretti?

Do you know Tuca Ferretti?

The name of Ricardo Tuca Ferretti came to the fore a few days ago after being appointed interim coach of Mexico for the next four games. Tigers coach, for the moment he will alternate his role as coach of the feline team and as coach for the closest matches. The peculiar Brazilian coach, He has spent a lifetime in Mexico where he has completed a very long career on the benches but outside the Aztec country he is practically unknown. In Colgados we present it to you.

Tuca Ferretti could be Mexican by birth although formally, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1954. He was a professional footballer in Brazil where he played in Botafogo and Vasco de Gama and especially in Mexico where he played in Atlas, Pumas, Coyotes, Toluca and Monterrey…eternal rival of the painting to which Tuca has been linked for many years, tigers.

The Brazilian but nationalized Mexican coach, started his coaching career in 1991 in the ranks of Pumas where he was until 1996 but curiously at that stage, He already served as Mexican coach in a friendly match against Costa Rica in 1993 where the Aztec team won by 2-0. A charge that I was going to take again 22 years later.

Ricardo Tuca Ferretti has trained for many years and many teams in Mexico. Apart from Pumas in two different stages, he has also trained Toluca, Chivas, Monarcas and especially Tigres to which he is still linked despite being the interim Mexican coach. The feline box has been trained up to 3 different stages.

Precisely with the feline team he touched the Copa Libertadores this year, which he lost to River in the final after a spectacular tournament. Experienced and characterful coach, Tuca Ferretti is a coach of those who leaves no one indifferent for better or for worse. Without a doubt this video, can show them that it is a type with a special character.

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