What is the most unequal league?

What is the most unequal league?

Dutch league, the Portuguese league, Scottish Premier League. When one refers to the degree of inequality in the major leagues in Europe refers to this trio, as usually posy champions over the years does not exceed maximum three or four teams. But nevertheless, If you study in depth the other most powerful leagues finds that inequality is present in almost all leagues. Of course, Also the Spanish.

And is that with the exception representing Portugal where only five teams have ever won the Portuguese league (Porto, Benfica, Good view, Os Belenenses y Sporting Lisbon), All except the French league championships goes more or less similar. The Premier or formerly have won the English league throughout history 23 sets, but since the new millennium, only four, the same as in Portugal.

Serie A have conquered 16 teams, but since 2000 only Lazio, Roma, Inter, Milan and Juve have been able to lift the title, the same as in the Netherlands, where although eight teams throughout their history have lifted the cup championship only four have done so since the beginning of the new century.

The Bundesliga boasts the league's emerging, the model to follow. fields full, surplus equipment but little variety. Since 2000, only five teams have come out champions and throughout its history, in total they have been 11 the victorious clubs, the same as in Scotland, although in the Scottish Premier there is a difference. Since 1986, He knows a champion Rangers or Celtic other than.

The Scottish Premier League has only one candidate: Celtic.
The Scottish Premier League has only one candidate: Celtic.

Throughout this mixed picture the much criticized Spanish league appears on stage. It is true and it is undeniable that it is becoming more unequal. But do not be reached deception. Always it has been and explains the fact that only nine teams have won the title and from the new millennium have won the same four teams have done for example in England, Portugal and the Netherlands and only one less than in Germany or Italy. Of course, nobody likes the tendency to see Real Madrid and Barcelona draw 30 points for the third season, but this is a path that is not only happening in Spain. Bundesliga is happening the same and in the Premiership and Serie A and something similar happened last year. further, nobody's fault but the clubs themselves that many teams have battered its economy based on unnecessary transfer and investments of dubious gain.

Of course things can also do better. It is the case in France, the paradigm of a competitive league and well organized so far. So far because the entry of billionaire owners in the PSG and Monaco will destroy a model championship in every sense. The league 1 He has boasted of having seen winning eight clubs since 2000, a very healthy thing for French football and spectators. Economic distribution of TV rights between them is balanced, but PSG and Monaco can make multimillion-dollar investments out of reach of other sets put into question such a balance for the coming years.

And is that as we see if Spain is increasingly unequal, so is Europe. However, the more unequal the Scottish followed by the Portuguese. In third place, There, yes, and BBVA league appears.

Aberdeen was the last Scottish Premier League champion Rangers or Celtic different.
Aberdeen was the last Scottish Premier League champion Rangers or Celtic different.

Total champions league:

English Premier league: 23 teams have ever won the league. Since 2000, single 4 (City, United, Chelsea y Arsenal).

Spanish league: 9 teams have ever won the league. Since 2000, single 4 they have done (depose, Valencia, Real Madrid and Barcelona).

Italian Liga: 16 teams have ever won the league (never Parma). Since 2000, single 5 teams have won the Scudetto (Lazio, Roma, Inter, Milan y Juventus)

French league: 18 teams have ever won the league. Since, 2000 They have been eight assemblies that have done (Olympique, Monaco, Nantes, Little, Girondins, Lyon, PSG are Montpellier)

German league: 12 teams have ever won the league since 1963 (creation of the Bundesliga). Only five have done since the 2000.

Portuguese league: Only five teams have won the league (Good view, Os Belenenses, Porto, Benfica and Sporting). Four have won it since 2000.

Dutch league: 8 teams have won the Eredivisie from 1957 it was founded. From the 2000, four teams have won the title, no el Feyenoord.

Scottish Premier League: 11 teams have won the Scottish league but from 1986 as did the Abeerden no one has not named Celtic or Rangers.

* On the last 29 seasons, two teams (Barcelona and Real Madrid) They have monopolized the championships in 25 occasions. This hegemony is only surpassed by the Egyptian League, where Al-Ahly and Zamalek S teams. C. They have been champions 18 the last 20 years; and Scottish Premier League, where Celtic F. C. Ranger and F. C. have distributed the 26 latest titles.

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