Do not miss the goal by Ibrahimovic a few minutes debuting A crazy!

Do not miss the goal by Ibrahimovic a few minutes debuting A crazy!
Ibrahimovic had the dream debut (Photo:

The calendar was marked in red on today in the city of Los Angeles. For the first time in history, a soccer in the city of Los Angeles and the truth is that it has not disappointed at all.

The newly created team, Los Angeles FC (LAFC) has been far superior to his opponent in a good part of the party to the point of putting a marker 0-3 that seemed definitive. The comeback seemed impossible but with Ibrahimovic, newcomer from the star of Manchester United, everything is easier.

The Swede entered the field the minute 70 party with 1-3 on the scoreboard and from there everything changed. Pontius made the 2-3 which further tightened the party and… Then came the play of the game. Ibrahimovic received a ball in the midfield and without thinking threw front door watching the opposing goalie. huge goal and madness in the stands.

Suddenly, two goals from Carlos Vela and own goal of steres had been neutralized. And still he is missing the icing on the cake. In injury time, Ibrahimovic again, could mark the 4-3 culminating a historic comeback. Definitely, angelino the first derby of history will be remembered forever as the day of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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