Djukic expected goodbye

Djukic expected goodbye

Djukic has stopped being the coach of Valencia CF this afternoon. At a press conference, the president Salvo and the new sports director Rufete announced the dismissal of the Serb. A complicated decision but according to social networks, he comes late. His provisional substitute will be Nico Estévez until the arrival of the new coach.

The team that It is a club that is dragging one of the most complicated situations in its history. With an unpayable debt and a sports project that raises doubts, the future of Valencia looks very black. The dismissal of Djukic is the icing on the cake that fills all the ills of Valencia CF, a club mortally wounded that will not be able to meet its debts if it does not play the Champions.

With an inexperienced sports management, Directed by Rufete, added to the lack of leadership of the club presidency, they make Valencia a team that is going to have a very bad time this season. And it is that the team's game is being quite disappointing. And that thanks to the Consell all of us who live in the Valencian Community are shareholders of the club, therefore let us be from Levante, of Elche or Real Madrid, All Valencians will pay the club's debt at the cost of losing much-needed public services such as health or education.

Salvó affirmed that Djukic would continue until June. Today it stopped.

This sports movie remembers the times of Koeman, with the team flirting with going down to second, something that could accelerate the disappearance of the most successful club in the region. There we have other historical Europeans, like the rangers, a regular team in the Champions League and now roaming the 3rd division of Scotland, yes, with the support of 40.000 fans who have not stopped coming to Ibrox Park. It seems that the case, that will not happen in Mestalla.

Anyway, Valencia is looking for a commander to straighten the course of the Valencian ship. Many are the aspirants to succeed Djukic, none of them seem to have the necessary experience to overcome the challenge, another Rafa Benítez is very difficult to find and the names that have come to the fore generate many more doubts. According to the pamphlets As Y Brand, San Lorenzo coach, current champion in Argentina and former player that, Juan Antonio Pizzi is one of the favorites to lead the Valencian team, difficult ballot for the coach of Santa Fe.

Since "Hanged" We point out other names that could well be the Serbian's replacement and would be in a position to train the team that. They are the following:

Pepe Mel: Recently dismissed by Betis, Mel is one of the most attractive trainers in this winter market. In his favor, the knowledge of the League and the character that it imprints on its teams.

John Ferdinand: very risky bet, youth and talent in one of the most promising coaches in Spain. They kicked him out last week from the Sheriff, moldovan league, going leader. Have 32 years.

Gregory Manzano. It is not the first time that Manzano sounds for Valencia. The former manager of Mallorca, Sevilla or Atlético is one of the great names in the League that does not have a team. He is also a psychologist., some of that needs Valencia that seems to have lost the winning mentality of yesteryear. Call it the "professor".

These are some of the names that could well sit on the Valencia bench, but we would like our readers to give their opinion. Who do you think will end up directing the Valencian team?? Another difficult challenge considering that the Valencia squad is one of the most difficult to manage. Ask good old Djukic. And it is that the Serbian more than one player has made his bed as they did for Pellegrino. the movie just started, will continue..

Djukic arrived with high expectations to Valencia that he has not been able to fulfill after being dismissed.
Djukic arrived with high expectations to Valencia that he has not been able to fulfill after being dismissed.

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  1. Why don't they call Pedro Cortes,has the national coach card could be a solution,,,,,also knows the guts of this club,and could prescribe Omeprazole for heartburn,

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