The start of the League

Dear hanging:

We are just a week away from the start of the League and practically everyone is on vacation thinking about being in a lying armchair and being told stories. In this beginning of the League we find a series of nonsense, that anyone who is passionate about football does not leave them indifferent; I mean football, not to Real Madrid and Barcelona. If we try to watch sports programs in front of the television, don't worry because everyone talks about the same thing and says the same things. We have endured the invasion of the media talking exclusively about Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and of course, Bale's soap opera.

It is true that in recent 30 seconds of the broadcast of the sports news programs have been able to include the latest news from the five or six teams in the Liga BBVA, whose only objective is to try to play a European competition. From the rest to the twenty teams, you can talk 5 seconds every three broadcasts. So that, one more year we will be able to attend the world's smallest Soccer League. Two teams against some puppets who are simply invited to be, because they don't really count.

Meanwhile they - the money bosses – to yours. A preparation of the calendars in the lower competitions pending confirmation at the expense of the decisions of the judges, teams that still do not know in which category they will compete, teams involved in match fixing, the madness of match schedules, the debts of the clubs, the export of our best footballers, etc. First of all this grotesque, I wonder: FIFA leaders?, UEFA, RFEF, LFP what's all this about?. It seems to me good that this sport is professionalized, but from there to being manipulated and corrupted by money, it goes a long way.

If we add to all the above that the European Commission is now telling us that it could force FC Barcelona and Real Madrid to become Sports Public Limited Companies, We would have another soap opera to add and that will give us something to talk about. It is true that the statutes of the LFP always speak of sports clubs and corporations in order to compete in professional leagues, We will see what this matter holds for us.

At the end of how the Spanish football march is going, we will be more aware of who can play the Champion, the Europa League or the relegation of who will be the League champion, because obviously the rest we already know. Good holiday everyone.

Sergio Barres

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