El Kaiserslautern, a large Germany in the years 50

El Kaiserslautern, a large Germany in the years 50
The Kaiserslautern that was champion of the Bundesliga after promotion. PHOTO: Bundesliga.com

He FC Kaiserslautern, German Southwest Ensemble, was once the most fearsome team in Germany.

The origin of the club dates back to 2 June 1900, when the two teams then from the city of Kaiserlautern (Germania 1896 y FG ) They joined to create the FC 1900, embryo of what would be the current team. In 1909, the set would join FC Palatia and the FC Bavaria, to finish later merged with SV Phönix and adopt 1932 the current name.

The beginnings of the Kaiserslautern

The first steps of the club would pass through the Oberligas, regional championships that existed before the creation of the current Bundesliga. In those tournaments local character, the team would emphasize mainly in the years of the post-World War thanks mainly to a figure called Fritz Walter that was to mark the team's history in those years.

Walter, who stayed in the FC Kaiserslautern during 22 years (1937-1959), was converted to a half front enjoyed an excellent technique and vision, plus an extraordinary leadership and arrival (306 goals in .379 parties). All of this, joined other outstanding players who were essentially Germany who defeated the great Hungary in the World Cup 54, He led the club got its first successes. The good work of this block earned him the nickname Walter magnificent eleven.

With such a scenario, Kaiserlautern FC champion Oberliga Southwest he proclaimed in seasons 50-51 and 52-53.En the first one, the team won the final at Preussen Munster by 2-1 and the second to Stuttgart 4-1. Besides, managed three runners-up in years 48, 54 y 55 who they did nothing but confirm that the team was one of the largest in Europe.

However, the following years would be downhill for the team, where only highlight in the Cup 1961, where he reaches the final to lose Werder Bremen 2-0. Input current format Bundesliga 1963 He did not change the sad journey through the desert the team reach three new cup finals in the next years brightest moments (72,76 y 81). In fact, these late and great performance in the UEFA Cup 81-82 where he reaches four after putting a “little hand” to Madrid in the quarter they would be the great achievements of the team at the time.

That tie for the European Cup against Barcelona

It was not until the season 89-90 when the team would break the drought of titles and finally proclaimed champion of the German Cup after four failed attempts. A prelude to what would come next year, Well, for the first time in its history, it was going to win the Bundesliga in a tight league final against Bayern Munich y Werder Bremen.

Its title led him to the season 91-92 outside the premiere in the European Cup, where only Barcelona would be able to stop him in the second round, after a header in stoppage time from José Mari Bakero.

Bakero gave the pass to Barcelona in Kaiserlautern with a goal at the minute 89.
Bakero gave the pass to Barcelona in Kaiserlautern with a goal at the minute 89. PHOTO: capture Youtube

The years 90

Consolidation in the early years 90 in the elite of German football he would suffer a setback in the season 95-96, where the club would live a paradox. With a team full of young talent where the quarry had a leading role, FC Kaiserlautern won the German Cup but at the same time, He fell for the first time in its history the Bundesliga 2. A shock was magnified in Germany with relegation that year of Eintracht Frankfurt

Nevertheless, the following season (96-97), con Otto Renhagel in front, the team react well, up to the first change again top flight. In the Recopa, curiously he is played in the Bundesliga 2, he Red Star I managed to get off it in the second round.

But if paradoxical was down and win the Cup in the same year, no less than it would be his encounter with Bundesliga 1, as the team would conquer the same year as his climb, something unusual in Germany, and only available to a few teams like Nottingham Forest British.

A second league that would marked by a man strong squad led by the likes of Michael Ballack, Andres Brehme, Ciriaco Sforza, Pavel Kuka about Marian Hristov. Men who would lead the team to the quarterfinals of the Champions League the following season, Only compatriots eliminated by Bayern Munich.

The decline in the years 2000

Economic problems and continuing policy changes led to FC Kaiserlautern a period of several years gotten into the darkness of the Bundesliga 2, where the only positive was the reconstruction of the stadium for the World 2006.

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