The so-called Caso Antúnez: when Franco had to mediate between Sevilla and Betis

The so-called Caso Antúnez: when Franco had to mediate between Sevilla and Betis
Antúnez provoked a fierce fight between the two teams sevillanos.

Just one day ago we talked about the strong rivalry that have lived, live and live Sevilla and Betis. One of the chapters that best reflect the tension between the two sets lived in the middle of the twentieth century in the hands of Francisco Antunez, a midfielder claimed by both sides and caused a real earthquake not only sports but social.

For younger, Antúnez was born 1 November 1922 in Seville and from soon began to join the ranks until being sevillistas youth decided a change of scenery and accept sign for rivals, Betis, team that had descended to Third Division, who lived a huge economic crisis, but that assured minute hand President Eduardo Benjumea, president with little power and the shadow actually vice president Carlos Hernandez and Alfonso de la Torre.

Slowly, Antúnez's arrival was a shock to the team verdiblanco, as they quickly began to show his class and quality in the middle of the field. So and the persistent weakness of the monetary Betis (I had serious problems even for traveling), Sevilla was going to make an offer 80.000 euros for the player (important figure) , that in principle it would be accepted by the vice presidents (the president was absent), but I would assume unwittingly, the beginning of a real soap opera.

antunezculebrón, bética quickly because public opinion would fly into a rage accusing the player of treason and threatening verbally and physically, while even it is called with Sevilla and was dropped off at a different station to that of the rest of the squad to not get angry criticisms of his former followers, sometimes even they are going beyond due.

A truly disproportionate case was going to go further Pot when the president bético, Benjumea, he would disavow to everyone's surprise signing his two vice presidents, and iba asking (when the league was over, Sevilla had won the league and Antúnez had played their first ten games with the club Nervión) the intervention of the National Delegate of Sports, General Moscardó, confidant of the Franco regime and responsible for resolving conflicts sporting the highest level.

A general who dictated to the news surprising return to Betis player invalidating all working mechanisms of the

Nastic empathized with Sevilla.
Nastic empathized with Sevilla.

Andalusian and Spanish federations, they observed full transparency and legality in signing the player Sevilla FC and caused as a result the joint resignation of the directors of both federations, of the Technical Committee of arbitrators and the board of the Nastic de Tarragona in solidarity by the interference light and the scandal that had.

An atypical situation where Franco again entered football and where many understand this decision as a way to mitigate the sevillista victory in the League 1946, Curiously, the only championship won in its history. béticos, also, They claimed to be removed to Sevilla points obtained with Antúnez and dispossessed neighbor to the league championship, which finally, but nevertheless, It did not happen for some luck and misfortune of others.

*History have tried to tell it as objectively as possible within the subjectivity involved in the already narrating an event like cash. In any case, It is possible that if you read the same case in forums or pages or sevillista sympathy bética, it can vary substantially from what happened.

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  1. You heard bells, to the As with the party sporting in 97, but know not the half of it. Besides your need to give the final solution. Antunez, Betis return, and it resold to Sevilla for greater, and fairer, amount of money. But we go, to explain the entry of Franco in football, you ought to talk about the cup of the release of the 37, the first drink of the generalissimo of the 39 and organized as this. In addition to the case Di Stefano or who were the marques of contadero, or the death of Juan Ramon Jimenez.

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