The possible rigging of the draws of Champions

The possible rigging of the draws of Champions
The Champions draws could be rigged

Champions draws may be rigged. As simple as that. That is the conclusion that is drawn from the statements of the referee Ahmet Çakar, Turkish TV commentator and renowned former international referee, who has made a live statement on a program in Turkey explaining how fraud can be done in raffles.

According to the collegiate, draws can be aimed at preventing big teams and teams from the same country from facing each other, with the aim of achieving more attractive crashes and juicier economic benefits in the most advanced rounds, which are those that attract the most spectators of the competition.

Money Shoots, UEFA may be using this formula for quite some time with some success. Thus, It would also explain certain suspicious movements and coincidences that occur before and during the draws such as trials and draws coincide. The method to achieve it would be very easy. Some balls would emit vibrations and others would not, thus producing the desired effect on the person in charge of making the pitch in lots.

Although for some, these statements could enjoy some loss of prestige, Çakar showed in public that he was capable of producing the confrontations that he wanted. Seeing is believing.

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