Real Madrid eliminated by Manchester United with arbitral controversy

Real Madrid eliminated by Manchester United with arbitral controversy
Real Madrid eliminate Manchester United thanks to an arbitral robbery

Real Madrid has qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League after beating Manchester United at Old Trafford (1-2), in a game marked by a Rob Harbinl. Cuneyt Cakir Turkish referee rigorously expelled Nani in the second half when the locals were ahead on the scoreboard and dominated the match, something that took Mourinho to turn the marker.

Nani was sent off for a controversial entry Arbeloa.
Nani was sent off for a controversial entry Arbeloa.

That play desniveló a tie that Manchester had completely controlled until then. Madrid never could with his opponent until the referee made a decision that would allow assaulting Old Trafford. Ramos gave the home side a own goal, and Modric and Cristiano turned the result, with Madrid already superiority.

Manchester United came out with much clearer ideas. Defend order and speed dating. Madrid proved his own medicine and for many minutes crashed into a wall planted on the edge of the area De Gea.

The English needed only to a pitch to create hazard. Ferguson Rooney surprisingly left on the bench and placed Welbeck pressing steadily Alonso, Playmaker the white.

The connection Ozil-Higuain created the first dangerous move of the match. German scanned the horizon and saw the Argentine fajándose with Ferdinand. His hunt no matter what the 'Pipita', who knocked over the goal of De Gea.

Welbeck speed balanced the initial fear on both computers. Two of his rides gave air to Ferguson, more concerned about their goal than by Diego Lopez at the start. But nevertheless, with the passage of minutes the home side seized control of the match despite not having possession.

further, every corner was a punishment for Mourinho. Each dead-ball situation meant extra stress for Diego López. In one Vidic finished off the stick in another Diego Lopez made himself Serbian penalty to hit him with his fists in the face.

Madrid was forced to make, why Ferguson played down his chances of backlash, the weapon they like to use. With the ball whites they were not understood and were unable to create danger in attack in static. Christian had no spaces, Alonso was not able to prevail in the medium and Ozil did not appear to find holes. But nevertheless, half an hour to Madrid found their best chance in the first part. Di Maria looked for Higuain, which he earned him back to Ferdinand , but he could not beat De Gea in the hand to hand.

A point was better Manchester, more incisive and daring. The Madrid, however he had good grounds. I never broke or lost intensity. Varane his team held back waiting for a goal that alumbrase the tie.

Welbeck would have the best chance of the first part. Van Persie knocked from the front with power, Diego Lopez cleared and the ball fell to the feet of Welbeck, but his shot was deflected back white cancerbero.

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