The “Spanish Vissel Kobe”

The “Spanish Vissel Kobe”
El Spanish Vissel Kobe de Bojan, Iniesta and Samper go like a shot in Japan. PHOTO: Vissel Kobe

The “Spanish Vissel Kobe” remains intractable in Japanese football and sits in the upper zone of the Japanese championship. The team with the most presence of Spanish players since it has Andres Iniesta, Sergi Samper Y Bojan Krkic sits among the most important teams in a league in Japan plagued by Spanish footballers. And it is that in the today's football, as globalized as everything, It is difficult not to find Hispanic soccer players in any league on the planet.

Spanish Vissel Kobe go for the Asian Champions League

The Vissel Kobe has DNA from La Masía. First was Iniesta who came to the Japanese club in 2018 and that later incorporated other 2 former players who went through the lower Catalans, Samper and then to Bojan. In addition, another former Barça player, although a youth squad, led the way and coincided in the Japanese team with the 2 first. And is that David Villa played and retired in this Vissel Kobe that came to join three world champions.

spanish vissel Kobe
Villa, Samper and Iniesta with the Vissel Kobe shirt that also had German Lukas Podolski in their ranks. PHOTO: The team

Now from the hand of the 3 Spanish players, the Japanese team has set itself the goal of reaching the Asian Champions League and the truth is that they seem quite on track to achieve it. Lack of 6 days the Spanish Vissel Kobe has in his hands to seal the classification for the most important club tournament in Asia.

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