Valladolid, a Champions League team

Valladolid, a Champions League team

If there is any team that is arousing admiration in the Liga BBVA, it is Valladolid. The Castilian team, tenth with 28 points, is being one of the great revelations of the season. Although his position does not yet allow him to dream of European competitions, the truth is that little by little, his game is conquering many football fans.

With a dream stocking commanded by Óscar and Ebert, the pucelano team is playing one of the most beautiful games in the entire league. Óscar is being one of the great references. At 30 years, Salamanca is the highest scoring midfielder of the entire championship and is already at the center of many teams, some of them, big. The German, despite ongoing injuries, is exploiting his talent. His set pieces wreak havoc.

War, Good, Rukavina, Valiente or the now absent Manucho complete a squad led by Djukic that aspires to Europe. The first three seem very far, but the rest, no one today has a better base to do important things. In Valladolid, they already dream of returning to the forefront of football.

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