Magi Football

Magi Football

Dear wise men: …

A) Yes, Thus begins the letter that millions of children sent to the Three Wise Men. This holiday celebrated the day 6 January in Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Paraguay Uruguay, Colombia, in parts of Germany (as Bavaria), Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Finland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Sweden, and parts of Switzerland –but not in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela- is the name by which the tradition calls visitors, after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, They came from foreign countries to pay homage and give gifts of great symbolic wealth.

In football, the Magi usually always make an appearance in stadiums. Rare is see a 6 January afternoon where Their Majesties will not drop to give some typical Christmas stamp with children who give a compliment. Soccer advantage hanged for such an important date on the calendar to make a unique proposal: find out who the Magi football and will bring Melchor Reyes, Gaspar and Baltasar the best known players.

The Three Kings are not playing football Mancos.
The Three Kings are not playing football Mancos.

About who could be the Magi throughout the history of football we can point to Maradona, Di Stefano and Pele, possibly, the greatest players who have never been on a field. They have transmitted the same magic and genius that the trio goes on camel 6. The pages could be Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Garrincha the Zinedine Zidane. They, They have decided to bring the following gifts to these children:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: a gold ball with which to reward his season and soothe your ego
  • For Messi: a world with which imitate their king Maradona.
  • Iniesta: hair transplant which limit their constant hair loss.
  • Pair Zlatan Ibrahimovic: more millions of euros.
  • Xavi: a new title that rewarding career.
  • Amadeo Salvo: a sheikh or Magus of truth.
  • Iker Casillas: play first
  • Florentino Perez: the long-awaited tenth European Cup.
  • for Neymar: a new haircut.
  • for Ribéry: another triplet.
  • Mourinho: coal because it is very very bad.

Jokes aside, what sure everyone will ask for more money and above all and foremost, Health, which it is the main. Have a nice day Reyes.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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