These elastic bands are used by elite athletes to train at home: What is your secret?

These elastic bands are used by elite athletes to train at home: What is your secret?
Cristiano is a regular at training with elastic bands. PHOTO: Instagram

Elite athletes constantly work to achieve the highest possible performance. This means that they have to get the most out of your workouts if they want to overcome their opponents, since any slight difference in performance can change the result in high-level competitions.

Now we know the technology in depth, materials and techniques that are used among the most important athletes of different sports such as tennis, Athletics, football and basketball.

And one of those materials draws our attention for its low price: it's all about the elastic bands, chosen by many of the elite athletes' physical trainers.

This simple accessory allows us to perform many exercises without having a large training space, and it is also a perfect complement to indoor sports routines.

What do Djokovic share, Usain Bolt, Cristiano and Lebron James in their training sessions?

All the elite athletes that we have just named accumulate hundreds of victories, goals or records. Y, evidently, everyone needs to perform at their best when competing against the elite of each sport.

The truth is now it's not a secret that many of these athletes also work with elastic bands in their training, and some have even shared posts on social media where we see them using them.

This is the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, that uses elastic bands to work different muscle groups, as demonstrated on Instagram.

Why Elite Athletes Use These Resistance Bands

The truth is that there are many reasons why these and other athletes use the resistance bands.

Band workouts have been scientifically proven to be very effective for improve both balance and flexibility, attributes that have been key in the results of the great Djokovic.

Usain Bolt's coach, Leeroy Gray, He has also spoken out several times as a loyal defender of the use of bands to train this legendary runner. This is because bands work better than weight-bearing exercises in speed training by the way they activate muscle fibers.

The benefits of rubber bands do not stop there. You may think that, if you want to train strength, Has no sense include elastic band exercises in your routine. The reality is that there is studies showing that the combination of exercises with elastic bands with exercises with weights is one of the most productive combinations for strength training.

A product to train at home for less than 20 euros

This fact has collided with many fitness fans who have been doing their strength training exclusively with free weight exercises for a lifetime., and now they are forced to “renew” working with a material as simple as elastic bands.

But it's not all bad news. The truth is that there are a few points in favor of resistance bands.

The main one of these is that it is a product quite cheap: in fact, you can find resistance bands quality for less than 20 euros in hundreds of stores, as shown by sports offer websites such as CholloDeportes.

Another positive point is that, thanks to the amount of quality information that is available on the internet, too easy learn to exercise with resistance bands correctly and incorporate them into our routine.

This makes the resistance bands a very economical product compared to other equipment, not just because it's cheaper, but because we can carry out training with different objectives with the same team.

Create our own home gym: an increasingly popular option

It is true that the circumstances of recent years have helped to begin to do sports at home. But the tendency to create their own gyms was something that had been cultivated for a long time..

There are many reasons why people have chosen to create their own gym, but, above all, We value the freedom of having all your equipment at home to use it whenever we want, without depending on schedules or subscriptions.

Another important reason is time. Maybe you have your gym very close to home, but if this is not the case you end up wasting a lot of time between going and back, and even more if there are many people training.

Y, of course, the economic factor also matters. When you set up your own home gym, you make one initial investment that you end up recovering after a few months of training, unlike a gym subscription (This saving is even more remarkable if you take advantage of discounts that we can find in Telegram channels specialized in offers of these products).

The goal of sport at home, after all, is to do what physical exercise is accessible to everyone, so that we can stay in shape where and when we want.

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