What famous First Stadium has never played Spain?

What famous First Stadium has never played Spain?

One of the characteristic notes of the Spanish team is the rotation of the stadium in which it plays at home.. Along its history, and unlike other teams such as France or England, Spain has not had a fixed venue where to play its matches against rivals. Only some vital duels for the World Cup or Euro Cup have had the need to play well at the Santiago Bernabéu, either in Mestalla or in Seville more or less regularly.

Precisely, Madrid, Seville and Valencia are, in this order, the cities that the most visited “day” with 62, 43 Y 32 matches held in the 93 years of existence of the world champion. Three big cities that, but nevertheless, They are only the beginning of a long list of provinces and autonomous communities that have welcomed the 280 matches that Spain has played at home. And it is that if we analyze the history of the selection, We can see how the national team has played in many but not all places on national soil.

By autonomous communities, Spain has been present in all but Navarra and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla (if they played U21 matches in all three places), Although in Ceuta there was a charity match between a Spanish-Moroccan team and the national team a 6 February 1938 which served to raise funds for the ‘Muslim Mutilated Knights of War’. The case of Navarra and a stadium in the solera del Sadar is curious, Although in this absence of parties, political aspects have converged that are intended to be forgotten with the invitation sent by the Provincial Parliament to the Federation last February to pay off that debt.

# Autonomous community Matches
1 Flag of Andalucía.svg Andalusia 68
2 Flag of the Community of Madrid Madrid's community
3 Flag of the Valencian Community Valencian Community 48
4 Flag of Catalonia.svg Catalonia 18
5 Flag of Asturias.svg Asturias 14
6 Flag of Galicia.svg Galicia 13
7 Flag of the Canary Islands (simple).svg Canary Islands 9
8 Flag of Castile and León.svg Castile and Leon 8
9 Flag of Cantabria (Official).svg Cantabria 7
Basque flag Basque Country 7
11 Flag of Aragon.svg Aragon 5
Flag of the Balearic Islands.svg Balearic Islands 5
Flag of Castilla-La Mancha Castilla la Mancha 5
14 Flag of the Region of Murcia Murcia region 4
Extremadura flag Estremadura 4
16 Flag of La Rioja (Spain) The Rioja 2

Yes by autonomous communities, Spain has only ceased to be present in Navarra and Ceuta and Melilla, By provinces things change because Spain has a historical debt with many of them. So much so that “day” has never played in places like Teruel, Huesca, Guadalajara, Lugo, Ourense, Lleida, Girona, Tarragona, Jaen, Palencia, Ávila, Segovia, Real city, Toledo, Vitoria or Zamora.

# City Matches # City Matches
1 Flag of the City of Madrid Madrid
62 21 Banderastacruztfe.png Santa Cruz of Tenerife 3
2 BanderaSevilla1.svg Sevilla 43 Flag valladolid.svg Valladolid 3
3 Flag of the Valencian Community Valencia 32 Flag of Murcia.svg Murcia 3
4 Flag of Barcelona.svg Barcelona 18 24 Flag of La Linea de la Concepcion.jpg The Line of the Conception 2
5 Bandera gijon.svg Gijón 9 Flag of Castellón de la Plana.svg Castellón 2
6 Flag of Málaga, Spain.svg Málaga 8 Flag of Catalonia.svg Villarreal 2
7 Santander.svg Santander 7 Flag of Badajoz.svg Badajoz 2
Vigo flag 2.png Vigo 7 Flag of the City of Huelva (official).PNG Huelva 2
Flag of Alicante.svg Alicante 7 Flag of Logroño.png Logroño 2
10 Bilbao.svg Bilbao 6 30 Flag of San Sebastián.svg Saint Sebastian 1
Banderalaspalmasgc.png The Gran Canarian palms 6 Flag of Cáceres.svg Cáceres 1
Flag of Grenada2.svg Granada 6 Flag of Jerez.svg Jerez de la Frontera 1
13 Zaragoza (city).svg Zaragoza 5 BanderaCartagena.png Cartagena 1
Uvieu flag.svg Oviedo 5 Flag of Córdoba, Spain.svg Córdoba 1
Flag of Elx.svg Elche 5 Flag of Leon (city).svg Lion 1
Flag of the city of La Coruña.svg Corunna 5 Flag of Getafe.svg Getafe 1
Flag of Mallorca.svg Palma de Mallorca 5 Flag of Almería.svg Almería 1
Albacete-Bandera.svg Albacete 5 Flag of Mérida.svg Merida 1
19 Cadiz flag.svg Cádiz 4 Bandera de Pontevedra.svg Pontevedra 1
Flag of Salamanca.svg Salamanca 4

Provinces some of them where there is no interest in seeing the world champion, but not on the other hand, where the presence of Spanish internationals has long been requested. Precisely, That must be one of the future challenges of the Federation: take Spain to all corners of the country. And is that if you imagine what a match of the world champion in Teruel would mean, Avila or Segovia. Well surely, a national holiday. Hopefully one day we will see.

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