Spain suffers to defeat Haiti 2-1

Spain suffers to defeat Haiti 2-1
Spain suffers to defeat Haiti 2-1

The Spanish football team defeated Haiti 2-1 in the preparatory friendly in Miami for the Confederations Cup in a ragged match and a poor image of Del Bosque. Haiti, located at the position 63 FIFA ranking, He got in trouble in the second half to Spain seeking this match was a test lab for the Confederations Cup, which takes place in Brazil 15 al 30 of June.

The Spanish midfielder selection, Kavi Martínez (i), Fight the ball with the Sony defense, Haiti selection, during friendly play the two combined preparation for Confecup, this afternoon at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.
Although the beginning promised a thrashing of the Caribbean weakness, with two goals in the first minutes, Over time he was encouraging Haitians, who were with options to achieve a historic result.

The party did not serve to begin to decipher whether Casillas will start in the Confederations, before his unnecessary involvement in 45 minutes he was on field, where he not had to make unscheduled stop.

doubts about who should be also kept the “nine” of the “day”, for neither Fernando Torres and Roberto Soldado had their night.

Chelsea striker tried without success several times in the opening minutes, but gradually she was diluted with the rest of his teammates, while the tip of Valencia marró four occasions in which it established, although two of them got in the sticks.

Del Bosque went with the group of alternates theoretical, including Casillas and Sergio Ramos were, and the picture was good, although the vast defensive frailties of the team led by Israel Blake Cantero Cuba gave all facilities.

Neither touch nor entries by bands that worked in previous workouts, at the idea of ​​practice before a presumed tactical Haiti that are expected to use some rivals in Brazil, They served as much to that weakness, which he led to the 8 Cazorla successfully exploited the indolence of the Haitian central to shoot, cross and satin, from outside the box and score the first.

It took another ten minutes to an innocent loss would be harnessed by Mata to gently lift the ball over the defense for Cesc Fabregas would make the second head.

From that moment the absence of a credible rival and the heat turned off the current world champion and Europe, in which only they highlighted the incursions of Jesus Navas, how little remarkable quality with Juan Mata.

After the break, this trend was maintained and the Spanish rate was falling more and more, especially after the release of the new Manchester City player.

The lack of Spanish ideas, encouraged Haitians, I chose to take this unique opportunity to achuchar an entire world champion and dared to attack. His brazenness led them to haunt the door and ask Pepe Reina penalty for Maurice in the 64.

But disbelief and joy of the Haitian public reached its peak when the 76 Wilde beat the Spanish defense to penetrate the left of the area, regatease Reina and would mark a goal that left the boys stone Del Bosque.

But the scare could have been higher if the following attacks of the Caribbean Cup Champions 2007 they had had a point fortune. Neither Xavi Hernandez output, David Silva and Andres Iniesta served to clear the clouded view of a Spanish team that gave a sad picture in his first game against Haiti. Perhaps everything would have been different if Soldado gets to hit in his four clear chances.

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