Klaus “Create” Urbanczyk, a hero of before

Klaus “Create” Urbanczyk, a hero of before

There are players overcoat long before the era in which we live, they end up falling in absolute oblivion. That could be the case of our protagonist, Klaus “Create” Urbanczyk, one of those fighters soccer back in the past 60. A warrior of these fields of mud that also, He got to be a hero off the field. Surely, many of you reading this article do not know, but as always, we tell your story.

But we split. Create, as he was called, He was born 4 June 1940 in the old East Germany when Germany, It was split in two. It was a tough defense, Battler according to the chronicles, He had a very peculiar technique to steal the ball with both legs stretched. Bobby Charlton himself to praising ended after a marking in Banne 1963. He never played a World Cup or a European Championship but was key to the classification of your country for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 where they reached the bronze.

But nevertheless, his football career, I was not adorned by a title even at club level. But his name, It became popular in 1971. Create, he was in a hotel in the Dutch city of Eindhoven where his team was about to play a game. Suddenly, The hotel burned down and his teammate, Wolfgang Hoffmann died in the same. Banne managed to escape through the roof.

The player, He saved my life but only after putting safe to many of the tenants of the hotel who avoided death by a man whose feisty and courageous philosophy transcended football. He became a hero. Then he completed a coaching career where he won several titles in the old GDR and after the reunification of the Germanies, He managed to bring a modest regional category to the quarterfinals of the German Cup which eliminated the Leverkusen Rudi Völler and Schuster. Definitely, one of those little-known football stories.

Klaus "Banne"
Klaus “Create” Urbanczyk, the second in the first row from the left.
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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